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Thursday, July 17, 2003

There's an odd sort of quiet around the office right now. No feet clomping. No doors sqeaking. No hallway conversations happening. It's mimicking the sort of wait I'm experiencing. I've got one thing left to do before go live, and that's scheduled for 4:00 because I have to borrow someone else's computer. There are other things I could be doing - revising the manual for Manage Positions or Manage HR Records, creating new job aids for create a position and create a job requisition, and so forth. But there's a hovering sort of calm. Tomorrow will be very busy. Yesterday was very busy. Monday is unknowable. For today, it's like the air has been let out of the tire, and you're waiting for Triple A to show up. A waiting calm. And it's odd.

Tonight I'm going to see a favorite old film at the Stanford Theater - Meet Me In St. Louis. They still haven't put it out on DVD, so I'll take this opportunity to soak it up at the theater, probably with a slice of pizza at Pizza My Heart as a starter.


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