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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Almost time for the road trip. And I still have fingernails, like actual longish ones. They're definitely the longest nails I've ever had. I'm discovering that part of my desire to bite my nails is that they're very thin flimsy nails. I'm keeping a nail thickener painted over them most of the time, but when that start flaking off is when I'm most likely to be tempted to bite my nails. All in all, it's the weirdest experience. I always figured nail biting would be a curse for the rest of my days, but now I've got four nails that are longer than the end of my finger and four more nearly as long, and then my two pinky fingers, with the thinnest nails, have been the victim of some unconcious nibbling, so they're lagging behind. The only thing is that it has led to a new self-maintenance issue. Now I have to repaint goo on my nails ever 2-3 days. Luckily that takes about 5-10 minutes and can easily be done while watching tv. The other thing I discovered this weekend, is that the nail goo does not like hours in the pool. I fixed my nails on Saturday afternoon, then spent about four hours lounging/swimming/playing in the pool at Fred's parent's place in Sonoma, and the nail goo was all messed up. I ended up having to fix them again the next morning.

Speaking of Sonoma, what a lovely trip. Fred's folks have a place near Nun's Canyon that is just so lovely. The pool baked in the sun with a cover all week and so when we hopped in in the evening breeze, the pool was 92 degrees. After four hours in there watching the stars, telling stories, playing games, the only thing that finally drove me out was that I had to pee and that my fingers and toes had achieved a new level of wrinkle. All in all, it was a lovely day. We carpooled in Rick's car and had Cy, Athena, Emily and I all in the Saturn wagon with far more stuff than we needed. We stopped in Sonoma for lunch at the Basque Bakery. We picked up some cheese at the Sonoma Jack store before heading on up the hill. Upon arriving, we found a surprise guest - Fred's friend Noelle and her daughter Galen. Galen is as adorable as advertised. She's not even remotely shy, crawling up in Rick's lap moments after meeting him. We all headed out on a little hike up the hill to the end of the road, and for better or worse, Galen crashed out for the night on the way back. The rest of us made dinner of buffalo burgers and corn and then stripped down and jumped in the pool. Four hours of floating around concluded with everyone gathered around the outdoor fireplace. We rose the next morning, and headed to the Garden Court in Glen Ellen for breakfast. It's a different pace of life up there. The hostess came out and chatted with us for a while. Her dog, Blue, was tied up out back, reveling in the attention from the breakfast crowd. He's half Dalmation, half black Lab, all sweetheart. He got the mellow temperment of the lab, but the white coat with black spots of the Dalmation. Breakfast was great and I'd recommend it to anyone. I had a sante fe scramble with turkey chorizo, but the specialty of the house really is a variety of Eggs Bendict. They all come with poached eggs, an english muffin and hollandaise, but the other accompanyments are widely varying.

Anyhow, it was a nice weekend I hope to repeat again before winter, but if not, it's something to look forward to next year.


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