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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Okay, so the world has to stop being so freaking surreal. And eventful. Full. Yarg.

So I plowed through my day today at work. Volt's funeral is on Thursday morning. No one came around and said, "Hey, sorry for the ill-timed April Fool's joke." I hate that.

Just before I left, I had some questions about a presentation I was giving tomorrow morning. So I called the chap who presumably had the answers and got in to the weirdest circular argument I've been in in ages. Maybe ever. There are two items which have different security classes in PeopleSoft, but ultimately they translate to exactly the same thing in Reportmart, which is the only place they have an effect. Sadly, these two different items have been given the same privilege name in Authority Manager. I was questioning first, that this wasn't a mistake, and second why this obvious mistake had been overlooked. I suggested giving them separate names. The chap responded that they were the same thing. I suggested getting rid of one. He said that they couldn't because both existed. I suggested just giving the user community one to choose from instead of both. He said that we couldn't because they already have both. I said that they need to have different names then, so that they can be distinguished. He said they were the same thing. I grabbed a large tuft of hair on my head and started tugging.

Ultimately, this went on long enough that I had to give up and get off the phone or be late to my class. Extricating myself from the argument took a while, so I was about ten minutes late to class. The instructor was discussing townships (36 square mile pieces of land) and how they are divided into 1 mile blocks which are futher divided. Anyway, we got through that section and started to go on to Freehold Estates. Then he faltered. Paused. Tried to restart. Got stuck again. Couldn't conjure words. Then he started talking about "Alzheimer's Disease, or All Timers, or Alzheimer's or however you call it" and how he had this problem. He said he needed to take a five minute break. After about 2 minutes, he told us all to go home and he'd see us next week. We all sat there utterly stunned. Our professor has Alzheimer's Disease, and 30 minutes into a four hour class he was sending us home. After another minute or so, we collected our things and headed out.

This was, I think, the final straw on Ammy's camel. Do you ever feel like your life is on Candid Camera? Or maybe morbid camera? Or that you're just losing your marbles and everyone is having fun watching. Yeah. Came home and drowned myself in television. Gilmore Girls and the pilot of West Wing. Tomorrow is another day, and boy does it start early. G'night all.


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