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Friday, September 26, 2003

So I did the unthinkable last night. I made on offer on the Pomeroy house. It was promptly rejected by the owners. They didn't even counter. Sadly, the owners have an overinflated view of their property's value, asking $415k even though they haven't done any special upgrades or even kept up well on basic maintenance. (Two out of three sliding glass doors have broken locks!) But that explains why it's been on the market without a single offer for over 6 weeks. And then there was my offer - $375k, which is closer to what it's actually worth. Comparable properties in the same complex have gone for between $345k and $409k in the last year or so. The one that sold at $409 had had beautiful new cabinets in the kitchen, nice new tile, and several other substantial upgrades.

So, since the owners are clearly not interested in listening to reason yet, I am content to wait. Maybe another one will come available. Maybe they'll be more interested a month from now. Or maybe now is not my time. And that's fine. The good thing is that I made the offer. I deeply regretted not making the offer on the first place we saw in the complex (the one that sold for $345k). If we'd gotten that one, it would've been worth every penny, but unfortunately, the night we we scheduled to make our offer was the first night Tiggs was in the vet hospital, and she wasn't expected to last the night. I couldn't handle any more stress at the time. So, it was the right decision for the moment, but I would've loved that place. We wouldn't have even needed to paint before moving in. This time I thought I should at least offer, get the experience of offering, and know in my heart that I gave it a go. Of course, that didn't help me any as I was leaving the realtor's office last night having just committed myself to spending $375,000. But, all that is passed now, and we're back to being casual renters with a little disposable income. And that's good too. Now I can definitely afford to go see Dirk, Tracy, and Camryn, and Camryn's baby sister for Christmas. Yay!


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