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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So there's all these fun things that I haven't gotten around to doing because of one excuse or another. No more excuses, says I!

I'm finding that I really like having my Monday nights back. It sets my week off on a better note to have Monday night to run errands and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Before I could never enjoy it because I always felt I was missing something if I was home on a Monday. Now that I've written off the Plough, I feel a renewed freedom. Last night I went fabric shopping and cleaned the downstairs. I've got things planned for the rest of the week, but I don't feel the pressure of no free evenings because the week started off on a calmer note. It's nice.

So I decided to try for Retro Roller Skating Night on Wednesday at Cal Skate Milpitas. I invited a short list of folks to come join me in this madness, but really, everyone is welcome. I was just a bit hesitant about spamming say, the Fezziwigs list or something with something that is clearly not period, not dance related, and totally untried. But if you read this and want to go, just get there. It'll be a hoot. I haven't been roller skating in ages, and wasn't ever particularly good at it. But all that wood floor is so attractive, and messing around on wheels on such a smooth surface is so appealing, and well, then there's the music. It's a crapshoot, but it might be fun. And bless Thomas Davis, who has always said that if it involves roller skating, he'll be there. And sure enough, I sent the email, and he replied with an exuberant affirmative within minutes. So it's at least him and I, in wheels on wood.


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