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Monday, September 22, 2003

A very pleasant weekend indeed, with a lot of movies.

Friday was Amelie outdoors in the Circle of Palms in downtown San Jose. Amelie is still my favorite movie ever. I walk away from it thinking the world is a better place and that I just need to appreciate the simple things in life. Amelie was followed up by desserts at Christyn's house, and much lounging around. Since Rick was off with the boys at a strip club for Lee's Belated Bachelor/Birthday party, I hung out there until nearly 3am.

Saturday was running errands followed by a little sewing followed by Totoro at Em Quinnan's house in another of her series of "Miyazaki and Munchies" nights. It was a lovely gathering of old friends. And now I really want to ride the Catbus.

Sunday was sleeping late followed by some more errands and then Underworld. Underworld, though not a great film, was pretty cool. Kate Beckinsale was wicked hot, and generally it had some of the best dressed vampires I've seen in ages. The group of us took over an entire row - 16 people, many of whom were very well dressed for the film. I wore my new black corset from Evangelines and probably managed to get my money's worth in 1 night. That corset was a real find. In many ways, it's even more comfortable than my corset from Dark Garden. It's low in the front, but cut high over the hips allowing for maximum flexibility and ease in going to the bathroom. It's certainly not as durable or well made as my Dark Garden corset, but for 15% of the cost, the trade off is worth it.

The really good news? I was able to sleep last night for the first time in weeks. Sunday nights haunt me. I'm never able to fall asleep fully. But last night I was out for good within 20 minutes of hitting the pillow. Ahhhh...


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