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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Well last night's adventure in roller skating was truly an exercise in extreme nostalgia. Little did I know how little has changed at this roller rink in 20 years. Sure, the roller rink I went to as a kid was in Sacramento (Sunrise Rollerland), but the CalSkate Milpitas was very similar. They had the same carpeting, the same snack bar, the same skates, the same carpeted walls and benches, the same scary bathroom, and the same distinctive roller rink smell. Mice, Wendy, Athena, Thomas, Thomas's friend Rebecca, and Rachel all showed up. I was really pleasantly surprised to see Rachel since her pancreas has been so bitchy lately, but she got out there and did great. Thomas, who used to work at Sunrise Rollerland, made us all feel even more pathetic than we looked because he skated with the ease of a pro. The rest of us wobbled out on the floor fearing eminent death at any moment. Rachel and I both had to adjust to very different bodies than the last time we'd done this.

Wheeling around the floor, I had a moment of epiphany. It always made perfect sense to me that in ballroom dancing, you do figures and slow stuff in the middle, and the outside is the fast lane. Last night I realized where I'd learned it, long before ever dancing. The roller rink has the same rules, and there it's even more obvious because of the red line painted around the slow/figures section.

We all wheeled around for 2 hours or so, with Thomas and Rick enjoying it so much that they want to buy skates and do it more often. Afterwards, feeling every bit our thirtysomethingness, we retired to Lyon's across the street for some late supper and conversation. I think this was one of the most fun nights I've had in a while. I'm sort of hoping I don't make it through the wait list for my class and end up getting to do this a few more times in the next few months. And next time, Rachel said I should invite the Fezzis, because not only is it great for building stamina in a low impact way, it would also be perfect for getting used to corsets. More roller skating madness simply must ensue! Sunday nights are for adults only, and have an adult lesson before the session. I'm thinking that may be my next stop (in a week or two) for a couple of tips followed by a nice evening of skating sans fear of accidentally running over small fingers. Weeeeeeeee!


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