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Monday, October 27, 2003

And I thought my work week was busy!

This weekend was inagurated with Rachel's Nice Boots party, which was blessedly close to home, but meant I had to give up going to Josh and Magenta's house cooling party. Still, after such a week, I just couldn't face a Friday night drive to Marin county. It's just too ugly. Still, the Nice Boots party was good fun. I barely made it in the door before being pulled into a snuggle with Christyn on the sofa. I spent the first hour or so of my time there with various people coming to hang out on the sofa. During the course of the evening, both Jim and Rachel told me how wonderful their new Tivo is.

Small aside: Tivo was selling off old 14 hour Series 1 Tivos for $50. I had been talking to Rachel about Tivo over coffee after roller skating a couple of weeks in a row, and how they wish they had one, but just couldn't justify the expense. When these came up for sale, I decided to play the Tivo fairy and get them one. I also got one for my mom, but she's been less than enthusiastic, so I was recosidering giving it to her. She's a freak about noises in the house (or out of the house in the neighborhood) and the old Series 1 models tend to have a lot more hard drive noise than the newer models, so I had one more in the garage.

So anyway, Jim and Rachel were gushing about how fabulous Tivo is, which is the only reaction I've ever seen anyone have to their first few weeks of Tivo life. I was telling Paul about this on the sofa, and how much fun it was to be the Tivo Fairy. He got kind of a sad, wish I had a job and could afford one look, and I decided that my second Tivo needed a good home.

So I asked, "Hey Paul, would you want one of those Tivos?" He hemmed a bit and said he really couldn't afford $50 right now. I stopped him and said, "Yeah, but would you want one? Like, as in, the Tivo Fairy just happened to drop one on your doorstep." He brightened and said, "The Tivo Fairy would do that?" Yes, yes she can.

If only everyone could have their first Tivo free, everyone would have Tivo. You live with it for 2 months, and you can never go back. Trust me, I hesitated about the cost until we did the beta program. Now I sing the gospel. Hallelujah, praise Tivo!

Anyway, so that was party one. It did involve an interesting moment of a Two-Hand Jig to Blondie. Heck, with such nice boots, it just had to be done.

Saturday morning I pulled my sad ass out of bed and headed to Oakland for a dance rehearsal for the Vampire Ball next weekend. We're performing the Scotch Reel as part of the "Elizabeth, the Vampire Slayer" play at the intermission of the ball. I'm a total doof because I volunteered for this out of sheer joy to learn the dance without paying any attention to needing a regency gown or when the rehearsals were. But I got to learn the dance, so now I'm happy. And I get to go to the ball next weekend, so yay that as well.

I had originally planned to just stay in the east bay until it was time for Gaskells Ball that evening, but since all of the stuff I really needed to do that day was at home, I just headed home instead. On the way, I stopped to pick up some tights at Mervyns, got asked to take a survey, and was paid $10 for my trouble, which effectively bought 2 pairs of tights. That didn't suck at all.

Then there was Gaskells. Gaskells was fantastic. Everyone looked fabulous. I have been fretting over outfits for the Vampire Ball and for Dickens, so I hadn't put any effort into what to wear to Gaskells. I pulled out my old 9th Grade Homecoming dress, and it still fits (unlike so many other of my dresses at the moment), so I threw that on, and got a bunch of complements on how lovely I looked. Go figure. I love it when I get an easy win. And it just amuses me when I picture the photo of me and Mark at Homecoming and how little we both looked and how different I am now from then, but the dress is a classic and still works. Now if I could just lose enough weight to fit back into my prom dress. I miss wearing that one. It always got the "Wow!".

Sunday was Fred's birthday party. It was a great bash with all the makings of a classic Fred birthday, including the fireworks. I had a plan to get a bunch of people in on contributing to a new digital camera for Fred. It worked out great. He was really thrilled with his new bitty camera. I got him a Nikon 3100. It's tiny, but it's got 3.2 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom. I like the UI as well. My only complaint is the same as the one I had with our Nikon - from the time to press the button to the time the picture is shot is just a little too long of a delay. But other than that, it's faboo.

And now, back to my hectic work life. Oh yeah, and sometime this week, I've got to learn my lines for Dickens Fair. Yikes!


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