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Monday, October 20, 2003

Disneyland was loads of fun this weekend, save for one annoying drama first thing on Saturday morning. Athena forgot her AP at home, and they offer a one time courtesy replacement pass, but that meant standing in line to get the pass, then going through the gates, she had to produce picture ID and then they had to hand type in the number on the pass to let her in because it didn't have a barcode. In the normal worldl, that would've been the end of it, but since it didn't have a barcode, I asked, "So how do you do fastpass without a barcode." The person at the gate said, "Go to the office and they'll give you a fastpass ID you can use." We stood in line at City Hall, but since it was such a long line, Rick stopped a cast member to ask if this was what was meant by saying the "office". The cast member said to go down to the AP processing center. We did. They had no idea that the ticket didn't have a barcode and directed us back to the turnstiles, or maybe the wait time board. Athena was really frustrated at this point and said, "How much for a replacement ID?" So for $20 we were on our merry way. Well, actually, I decided to check with the wait time board. They had no idea and directed us to the ticket booths out front. I came back to the AP center and was even more exasperated. We then headed out to the Blue Bayou, couldn't get reservations for lunch, and then found out that Splash Mountain was down for rehab, Big Thunder was closed because of the recent accident, and Space Mountain was closed for renovations until 2005. Oh, and Pirates of the Carribean was broken for the moment too. Then I was grumpy. We managed to go on the Haunted Mansion Holiday, and that helped cheer me a bit, but I really have come to expect Disney Cast Members to be highly competant, so I was completely flummoxed by the morning's chaos. It would've been so simple to just print the bar code on the courtesy pass and avoid the drama. Oh well.

But the Haunted Mansion was looking great. And the rest of the park was the same as it ever was. After a lovely lunch at the Blue Bayou using the standby line, we all got a fresh start and had a good time. Athena and I even tried dancing a bit at the Carnation Plaza swing thing. Two follows, no leader, but we did okay. Well, okay enough for her to get picked up for a dance. Anyway, it was my last trip to Disneyland for at least a year or so, so I'm glad it was a good one.


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