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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Goddamn organized religion. I hate it with a passion because of bullshit like this. I just can't believe they'd be so callous and self-serving. It's a hate crime on a global scale.

Think the Vatican is alone? Heck no! Good old American fundies are busy holding things like the Creation Science Fair. Gah!!! My personal favorite is the 2nd Prize for the Middle School category - "Women Were Designed For Homemaking". It just makes my blood boil that a 12 year old boy is being rewarded for being a chauvenist pig. All in the name of religion and God.

And then there's freaky psychos like this Sunday-School teacher who abuse their position of trust to take advantage of kids. Ugh.

And that's not even counting the hundreds who commit murder in the name of God (or Allah). I'm so sick of organized religion and its effects on the world. People always defend it saying "What kind of morality would the world have without religion?" Bullshit. I'm easily as moral as any of the religious folks I know. It's simple. Follow the Golden Rule and you won't stray far. If more focus was placed on that than on what the Almighty intends or wrote or how he/she/they want us to worship, then the world would be a much better place. In the meantime, I pray to whatever god may or may not be out there: Please save me from your followers.


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