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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

In the continuing saga of Nym, the stealth cat, she's starting to warm up a bit. Cyrus and Athena came over Saturday night and brought their cat Thomas for a little kitty intervention. We kicked Nym out from under the bed and shut the doors upstairs. She floundered for a while, hissing at Thomas and not knowing where her safe place was. We watched, making sure they didn't actually escalate the hissing into a fight. Nym eventually took up residence near the top of the stairs. Thomas kept trying to get her to play. Thomas is a very cute cat, but he's dumb as a box of hair. He couldn't conceive of not playing with this other cat. He would run up the stairs, leap over her, and land at the top, flop over and roll around, reaching out a paw to investigate her. She would hiss as he leapt over. Then Thomas would get bored, come downstairs and play for a while, head butting us or what have you, then he'd notice Nym again and the cycle would repeat. For a while, I sat up on the stairs next to Nym, who seemed perfectly content to be petted, and kept purring, broken only by moments of hissing at Thomas. Thomas would eventually wear her down and get her to play. That was clear. But Athena and Cyrus finally headed home.

After that, Nym has been easier to coax out from under the bed. Last night I was studying for my class, and I coaxed her out by reading on the floor next to the bed. No cat can resist the power of a book being read. She came over and planted herself in the middle of my book. We spent a couple of hours cuddling, intermittently interrupted by household sounds that would spook her and cause her to run under the bed until the irresistable power of the book overcame her fear of the world again.

Eventually, I'm hoping she'll get used to the sounds of the house and will mellow out and be able to be social more of the time. But we're getting there. There are few sounds and sensations in the world better than a purring kitty snuggled up to you. It's worth the wait.


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