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Friday, October 24, 2003

It's been an insanely hectic week at work, but I managed to break away long enough for lunch at the Googleplex with Kevin. And you know what? Google rocks.

I showed up, walked in without hassle, saw Debbie at the desk (which was a major out of context friend experience), and printed out my own visitors badge. They had a computer set up on the reception desk with four fields to fill in, click submit, sign an NDA electronically (with a touchpad pen) and then it printed up the badge with the label printer. Google rocks.

So we walked over to the lunch room. Along the way I was introduced to several folks. Everyone was exceptionally friendly, including the head chef. Deb had read the menu to me while I was waiting for Kevin. It included Sea Bass, fresh green beans, sweet potato pancakes, asparagus-cheddar soup, satay, and a wide selection on deserts. Lunch is served free of charge to all Google employees and their guests every day. We shared a table with someone who was having lunch with her parents. Because Google rocks.

We headed back and I got to see the break room, full of bins of snacks and cereal. They also had an espresso machine to make your own drinks. I made myself a double cappucino for the first time in 10 years. At Google, you need not suffer the whims of a lazy barrista. You get coffee your way. And it was good. Mmmm.... So then Kev pointed out the massage chair. It's a Japanese import that is not shy. It massages you into a little puddle. I was genuinely impressed. It actually massaged hard enough to satisfy me. Google rocks.

I saw Kevin's cubicle briefly, then headed back to campus for my ITSS Town Hall meeting. Kev was on his way to a lecture from one of the founders of Paypal who's working new ways to launch satellites into orbit. Yeah, Google rocks.


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