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Monday, November 24, 2003

Good (hectic) weekend. Drove up to Lizzie's housewarming on Friday. Christyn and I carpooled, and though both of us have rules against trying to get to events in Sacramento on Friday night, we both drove up in the midst of rush hour traffic (that was blessedly light) on a Friday to get to Lizzie's party. Yeah, Lizzie means that much to us both.

Saturday we slept late and ran a few errands in town, then headed to Pyanepsia. I haven't ever made it to this particular ritual before, so I went to the newbies room for the lecture. I've always liked the idea of Pyanepsia, but it was nice to have it so crystallized again. Pyanepsia is the closing of the seas, the end of the season on Apollo, and the start of the season of Dionysis. Dionysis only gets 3 months, while Apollo gets 9, but that's okay, because we can only need 3 months of conclusions, death, and madness. The season of Apollo is a time for growth and reason. The season of Dionysis is not. Sitting there listening, it occurred to me that doing Fezziwigs during the season of Dionysis makes so very much sense. It's a madness. It's a time to abandon reason, work harder than I do all year, keep rougher hours than I do all year, and not get paid for any of it. It is wild dancing. It is becoming another person and walking in her shoes for a while. It is sheltered inside while the storms rage outside. All the while, it is sandwiched by the major holidays of our predominant culture - Thanksgiving and Christmas. This truly is the silly season for me, and I'll feel Dionysis walking next to me this year through my maenadic dancing.

The next morning, I stepped fully into that newly inagurated season, rising too early to drive a hundred miles in a corset and sit in a freezing warehouse with 100 other people. Madness reigns supreme. Pyanepsia was a nice gentle reminder that all this is normal and expected for this time of year, and that things will start making sense again come February.

We made candles. I made two dipped tapers. We also made a communal Erisone, and tied to it all the trappings of the past year. I tied on my last scrap of 7/8 inch black velvet fabric ribbon. I'm done creating the dress. Now it's time to use the dress. Hopefully the dress is up to the madness I'm about to inflict upon it.


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