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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I have poor impulse control.

I was looking for costume bits for Bob online, and happened to stumble across this dress. I've always wanted an 1880's style bustled dress. And there it was, for about what it would cost me to buy the materials, already sewn together and pretty and stuff.

I wrote to Athena, thinking she'd talk me out of it. Some help she is. She wrote back saying, "Well. I definitely think you should get it soon, so I can see it and decide if I want to get one myself. :)" Great. So I bought it. It's shipping now. Athena recommended getting the blue to match my eyes.

As if that wasn't bad enough, then I discovered Dress Diaries on LiveJournal. More specifically, I found a thread on Victorian boots. I'll have you know that I've spent 10 years searching for a new decent pair of Victorian boots. We've been stuck in platform hell for upwards of 6 years now and I'm so sick of it I could spit. All I want out of life are a cute pair of Mary Janes and a cute pair of Victorian Boots. So there they were, for $63 including shipping. The best price I'd found before was around $150. Well, it was just too much to resist. So I ordered them too. Yeah, that's right. Just before Christmas I spent around $270 on myself in one afternoon of online shopping.

I have very poor impulse control. And buyer's remorse. But my dress should be here soon (like maybe next Friday) and then I'll know if I did something really stupid, or just mildly deranged.


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