Almost there...

Monday, November 10, 2003

kfury: Good sewing day?
miss_emelia: yeah. almost there...
kfury: Heh. You said that and I checked your blog, thinking you'd posted an update.
miss_emelia: funny.
miss_emelia: see, it's still a theme in my life.

Athena and I think we'll finish the costume Wednesday evening. It's so close, but we ran out of 7/8 inch black velvet ribbon for the bows on the skirt and we still have to do one trial run in full corset and she's re-sewing the buttons because they didn't lay right the first time. Also, she's going to hem the bottom of the jacket. But we're so close! We showed it to Cyrus last night and got a major "Wow!" from him, which totally rocks. When guys who have no interest in costume or dance go Wow at your outfit, that's a good thing.

I also went to workshops Saturday. I'll likely finish my workshops and get signed off this weekend. On Saturday I ran through the scene with Fred. I was surprised at how well I knew my lines since I'd only really started working on memorizing them on Thursday. Now we just need to tap someone to direct who can give us some good blocking. But it's coming together. Almost there....


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