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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Been so busy. Finally reached the point where I'm too busy to do it all. Blog falls by the wayside.

It was a busy, but good, weekend of Dickens for me. Sunday I competed in the costume competition and lost, but fairly so. The winning contestants were a mother-daughter pair, and the runner up had the most amazing striped silk taffeta ball gown. Better yet, like my fabric, hers was purchased at Wal-Mart as a bolt-end for $1 a yard. I don't know where Wal-Mart picks up these lots of fabric, but lordy they're lovely. I received complements on how well fitted my outfit was. All my thanks go to Athena. Were I to revisit how to make the competition more interesting for spectators, I would still have the ladies of the comittee select the participants by spotting them in the street, but I would have the audience choose their favorite outfit. As it was, the ladies of the comittee inspected each outfit and judged it on their own criteria. The audience was just left to look at the other contestants and wait.

Beyond that, I danced like a maniac both days, had yummy Scottish meat pies both days, and enjoyed not being sick both days.

Back at work, I have to move my office to another room in the same building. This is a major nuisance, but my manager and I talked on Monday, and she knows I got the fuzzy end of the lollipop last week, has totally taken APLAC off my plate, and has offered me a $100 bonus to decorate the new office. I'll be buying some lamps with natural light bulbs to compensate for the total lack of windows. I'll much miss having the winter sun on my back as it is right now. I also got permission to paint the walls whatever color I choose, so Jo-Ann and I are thinking yellow will be nice. I think having Jo-Ann as a roommate will be nice as well.

Only 3 1/2 days until winter closure. I'm tying up loose ends, finishing documents, and packing up my office. Now if I could just get the sense that Christmas was fully under control, I'd be happier. Tonight, Rick and I are going to review the lists and see what we're missing. I know I need to pick up one thing for my aunt, and decide on something for Camryn (too much to pick from!). Beyond that, I'm flailing a bit.

Last night we had the ITSS Christmas party, and the traditional John Klemm video. I received credit for the first time, not for appearing, but for teaching some of the cast how to tie a toga/peplos. Still, I think the funniest bit was the take off on Queer Eye. Well, that and Chris Handley in a brief Master and Commander spoof, where the real bit was about who got to drench him. After that party, we headed to Kev's place, where I mercilessly picked at Rachel's turkey carcass. I really didn't get enough turkey at Thanksgiving, so when I heard Rachel was roasting a turkey, I knew I'd be in for two dinners. Kevin realized at some point when we were picking on him about unfinished stuff on Fury that he'd managed to invite both me and Ali in the same night. We then ramped up the barbs and laughed ourselves senseless. We ended the night curled up with the new Fireflly DVDs, watching the Train Job again, this time all in one piece. It's a much better episode when you already love and adore the characters. And Inara is still the hottest thing in space. Yum.


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