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Thursday, December 18, 2003

I love grassroots movements. The American Family Association, self-appointed keepers of "family values" in America, decided to run a poll and advertise it to their members to show that America wants nothing to do with gay marriage. They're intending to show the results of this completely unscientific poll to congress to prove that America doesn't really want gay marriage. The poll is flawed in so many ways - lack of random sample, questioning method that skews the results, and so on - that I can't even begin to comment there. But when I first heard about this poll and went and voted for gay marriage, it was 98% in opposition to allowing gay marriages or civil unions. But word has gotten out. They started the poll, but the rest of us are responding, fighting back. Right now, if you combine the last two questions (which split civil unions and gay marriage against the single opposition question), then it's been pushed down to an almost 60/40 split. 60% are still in opposition, but 40% are for some sort of legalization of gay monogamy, with 33.6% of that favoring actually gay marriage.

I've received at least 3 emails asking me to be aware of the poll and go vote from sources that presume I'll vote contrary to the ideals of the American Family Association (rightly so!). I've seen it posted on two websites. The American Family Association picked the wrong medium. The internet community is on average more well educated and politically liberal than the type of family in their association. Average Joe in Nebraska raising his family doesn't have broadband and probably doesn't work at a computer with web access all day long. I will not be shocked if we manage to shave another 10% off that balance before it's over. Not shocked, but very very pleased. And then I'd like to see some other organization co-opt the results and show them to Congress, since the American Family Association probably isn't terribly interested in showing off their results anymore.


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