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Monday, December 01, 2003

It was, quite possibly, the longest weekend ever. In a good way.

Wednesday night we drove up to Quintette through traffic that reminded me of life ten years ago. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and yet almost all of the journey was at the speed limit. We arrived to the smell of pine trees and wood smoke. It's always beautiful up there.

Thanksgiving was lovely. I learned a card game called Aggrevation. Taught Fluxx to a couple of folks. Mark and Claudia have renovated Lee's old cabin and it looks quite nice inside. We also got to try out their new electric cart. It's a lot of fun. Twenty-four miles an hour has never seemed so fast.

Friday we went to see Alegria. Finally. I really loved the show. I love the costumes. I love the music. The handbalancer was astounding. He was absolutely the best handbalancer I've ever seen. And the juggler boy was just about the cutest thing that ever lived. And the bungee straps flyer act, while not completely impressive unto itself, looked like the most fun ever. I really would love to try that. The trampoline tumbling also looked like a whole heck of a lot of fun. There was one clown act that was just amazing. It closed the first half of the show with a tornado of paper petals. Unto itself, it was one of those performance pieces I'd like to see several more times just to figure out the entire journey. Wow.

And then there was Dickens Fair. Dickens Fair was great. Saturday morning, Henry Tenenbaum from KRON came out and filmed the fair. It went really well. The fair was ready. The performers were ready. The publicity was great. Several folks came out just because they'd seen it on TV, asking where they could find the meat pies they saw on TV and such. At dinner after fair on Saturday, a couple walked up to us at Max's and said, "You're from the Dickens Fair aren't you?" We said yes, and they explained that they'd seen us on TV. From the four of us there for the morning shoot, we probably had a total of 20 seconds of screen time combined, but they recognized us out of costume nonetheless. Amazing.

My grandparents came to Dickens for the first time ever on Saturday. They seemed to be really enjoying it. They saw Fezzis, and the bird show, and had tea with me after the scene with Ebenezer. I gave it my all for the scene and it went pretty well on Saturday. On Sunday, I got out there and was very surprised to find I had far less voice left than I thought. I kept trying to find the right point from which I could project more, but couldn't get there before the scene was over. That was really frustrating, but next week I consider myself warned. I must test my vocal range for volume about 30 minutes prior to the scene so as not to repeat that. But otherwise, I think that piece is going well. And being back at Fezzis, it's just like family. Better than family. The feeling of support and love is the best. Arthur is having a rough go of it at the moment, and I love that I was able to be a shoulder to lean on at the right moment. Hopefully, by the end of fair, he'll remember why he does this thing, and how much everyone there loves and adores him.

Sunday night, I was more tired than I've been in a year. Christyn talked me into dinner with friends, and it was the sort of dinner where everything was so incredibly funny because we were all so dreadfully tired. With full bellies, we headed home too late, much amused, and ready for sleep. Lots of sleep. But the alarm came too soon and I headed back to work. It seemed like I'd been gone for a month, but it was just four days. There's so much to do between now and December 19th when the university shuts down for 2 weeks. While I am incredibly tired today, I'm also a bit renewed and ready to work on this stuff. Life is good and messy and full.


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