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Friday, December 19, 2003

T minus 4 hours and 5 minutes until the university shuts down. I'm busy moving into my new office, wrapping up a couple of mini details, and generally mentally checked out. My roommate is already gone for the break. I'll probably be here til five. But there's 2 weeks of glorious, much needed time off calling to me. I have one major plan for Monday - sleep. Lots of sleep. Maybe helping tear down at Fezzis. But only after the sleeping. And dinner with Mice and Wendy. Then we're off to points north - Novato for a family reunion on Tuesday, Sacramento for Christmas Eve and Christmas with the families - my mom's side on Christmas Eve, my dad's side and Rick's family on Christmas Day, and the group on Christmas Day Evening. Then on the 26th we fly to Seattle to see Dirk and Tracey and Camryn and meet Eleanor, and see their new house in Ravenna. On the 30th we fly back and I start cooking for Krazy Khabib's New Year's Festival. January 2nd is Friday Night Waltz. On January 3rd I'm painting my office. On Sunday, I'll rest. Then it's back to work.


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