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Friday, December 05, 2003

Things like Friendster and Tribe do such wonderful things for my ego. I hope it's healthy. Just got this testimonial from an old friend:

"Ammy is one of the finest people I know. Period.

"She's warm, loving and kindly -- as well as strong willed, witty and intelligent. This makes her Good People(tm) without the doormatish qualities usually associated with that type.

"When I was returning from China she was also one of two people to actually offer me a place to crash if I needed it. I know also that, no matter the situation, if I found myself in need, she'd be there.

"Finally, no testimonial about Ammy would be complete without a mention of the hugs. The warm and yummy hugs. This gal really knows how to hug. Really.


How can you beat that? I mean, I read it and just came away all warm and fuzzy. The great part about these two websites is that this may be the opinion your friends hold of you, but they're never going to walk up to you and say, "Hey by the way..." and spill a load like that. (Heck, seems like the only time you hear major personal commentary from friends is when you've managed to really piss them off.) But there it is, in print. Whenever I start feeling a little low, I can go to Tribe or Friendster and look at the opinion some of my friends have of me, and that's probably a really good thing.


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