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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Well, that thing about skipping the drama - didn't get that option. It was a drama filled week, culminating in the hysterical woman telling me that what I delivered to her was not what she'd asked for and could she please work with someone else instead. Right. Well. Okay then.

That was Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon, the gravelly voice I'd been sporting all week developed into a whopper of a head cold that had me fearing the worst. I do not have time to be sick now. Please call back in January. Well, I was sick, but luckily just a nasty head cold with major sinus pressure for two days. I slept late on Thursday, went into the office for a few hours for one meeting and two other documents to finish, then came back in the morning for another important meeting, left at 1, and went home for another nap. By the time I woke up from that nap, I was feeling much improved. Saturday morning, I started the day without Sudafed. What a huge relief!

And today was great. I did really well in my scene with Ebenezer, got some great complements on it, and went out for a turn around the city afterwords and was asked to be in the costume competition tomorrow. As luck would have it, Cyrus and Athena will be there tomorrow, so she'll get to see if I win or not. Yay! Frankly, just being asked to participate sent me over the moon.

Feet are soaked. Body is scrubbed. Clothes are mended (with the hook for my skirt moved over a little more than an inch from the first weekend). And now it's time for sleep. Goodnight all!


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