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Monday, January 26, 2004

Good weekend.

Friday night, Kev and Rachel and Rick and I went out to dinner at Fiesta del Mar and had the too tempting Enchiladas Enjococados. Yummers. We followed that up with a trip to the Golfland in Sunnyvale, which seems to have recently renovated one of their courses to add a polynesian theme. What used to be a clown faced hole is now a sort of tiki god that had us all chanting "Ooo ga cha ka, ooo ga cha ka!". Kevin scored a masterful hole in one on the loop. Even though I landed one ball in the pond, and knocked a couple of others clean off the course, I still had the best score in the end due in large part to a couple of lucky shots at the volcano holes. After that, Kev and Rick both proceeded to kick my butt at air hockey.

Saturday morning, Rick headed out to Dionysia while I lounged in bed a bit longer and got up for the Fezziwigs cast party. It was a nice party. Plenty of food, plenty of good friends, and a bit of dancing. Greg and Barbara have a lovely home, and Byron is 6 months old now and has the biggest smile on earth. It's exceptionally kind of them to host the party.

Since Rick went to Dionysia instead of Tempest, I had a spare ticket. I had offered it to Paul, but he decided to stay home with Karen since he'd seen the band just 8 days prior. At the cast party, I was thinking of offering the ticket to several folks, but when Rachel arrived, I realized she was the one who should go. I asked if she had plans for the evening. She didn't, so I tempted her with the ticket. At 5:30 we headed out for the show, only to run into traffic in the city. We called Dawn and Bates who'd left 20 minutes earlier and asked them to pick up our tickets at the box office. Between that and Nicole and Dougie saving seats and Janice and Bates both giving us directions, we arrived and felt loved and taken care of by our community. The dance floor was packed most of the night, but we got a couple of good sets in and a lot of head banging in between. (And oh my neck is sore!) The highlight of the night was the band's rendition of Stonehenge, complete with miniature Stonehenge descending from the ceiling and dancing midgets. Well, dancing girls who are small anyway. It was bloody hilarious. Beyond that, it was fantastic to see John Berger performing with the band again. He's such an amazing fiddle player. Hearing a bunch of the old favorites was also a major bonus.

We drove back to Emeryville to drop Rachel at her car and stop at Lyon's for munchies and lounging with Dougie, Nicole, Bates, Dawn, Jennifer, and Rachel. Then on home for a few hours sleep with Nym on my head.

The next day I woke up lazy. I managed to do laundry and clean my room, but spent a lot of time culling Tivo. Tivo is so smart. It recorded a Judy Garland/Gene Kelly flick from 1942 I'd never seen before. This was a treat. Those two are my two favorite performers of that era, and together they are song and dance magic. The movie - For Me and My Gal - was a predictable tale of two Vaudeville performers who took an instant dislike to one another, then fell in love. The twist was that it was set in World War 1, and was made during World War 2, and seemed to be a sort of morality play on how good people behave during the war. Good people enlist. When a loved one dies in the war, it's your job to do your part in the war for the sake of their memory. If you try to dodge the draft by injuring yourself, people will find out and hate you and you'll be crippled for life. Good people who can't fight buy war bonds. Good men who can't fight go to war with the YMCA as volunteers. Heroism can redeem even cowards. Anyway, suffice to say that it was a bit preachy. It even had an item on the end credits saying "America needs your money. Buy war bonds and stamps at this theatre." But there were some fantastic numbers with Gene and Judy. My Tivo loves me. It just knew that'd be the perfect thing I wanted to see on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

In the evening, we tried to go see School of Rock, but failed, and ended up having a nice evening of Golden Globes and Hoopla with Kevin and Rachel. All around, a mighty fine weekend. Rick had fun at Dionysia. I had a great time at Tempest. And the highlights were just extra highs added to an already great weekend.


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