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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I've started a new Dance Fitness class with Joan Walton on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch. I've taken the Dance Fitness class in the past with a different instructor, who was entirely ballet-centric. Joan's class has been much better because although it deals a lot with ballet and jazz technique, if you know just the basics, you can get along alright. The one arena where I'm consistently challenged is on the floor work where we travel across the floor doing lots of crazy jazz walks while your arms are doing something entirely unrelated. All the dance forms I do either involve having your hands held by others or having your arms at your sides. This whole arms and legs being coordinated thing is way out of my depth. Other people in the class, people with more ballet experience, do really well with this stuff. In fact, it's fun to just watch some of them as they glide across with more grace and beauty than I can ever muster. Truly amazing. Well, that was until today. Today our travelling step started out as a polka/gallop step, which meant I had plenty of mental resources left to work on coordinating my arms. I looked almost as graceful as everyone else, which was super cool. Then she switched it to a heel click from the Hungroise. I already knew the Hungroise. I can even merrily do the air pivots in it with a good partner. The heel clicks are a straight legged version of a jig step turned sideways. I glided across the floor feeling confident, only to notice everyone else in the class was suddenly struggling. Really really struggling. So much so that they waited and asked her for more info after class. I've never ever seen this before. Usually, Joan demonstrates, and they do it without hesitation. It was a rather odd turn of the tables, and kind a relief. It's nice to know that at least part of why most of it is harder for me than them is just because our repertoire is different.


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