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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Last week, I didn't get into the Anatomy class I wanted to take. I was 21 on the waiting list. Three people got in. Such is life. I'll try again next quarter.

The upside is that this is the kick in the shorts required to get me to start shopping for a way to make a weekly ceili in the south bay possible. So far, I've looked into two different pubs - Fibbar Mcgees and Molly Mcgees. Molly's had great space, plenty of room for dancing and such and still lots of room for the regular customers, but they don't serve food and their non-alcoholic drink selection is thin. Dancers aren't heavy drinkers. It's hard to do Irish dance well while you're drunk. Generally it's one pint of Guiness or pear cider, and dancing the rest of the time. So this isn't necessarily the best fit. Last night, Rachel and I went to Fibbar McGees, which does serve food, and has the full range of sodas and juice in addition to the full range of alcohol. Rachel had an "unusually good" Midori Sour. Unfortunately, the space isn't as well suited to dancing. Still, they're both still on the list of possibilities. We'll see how it turns out. More pubs to come. I've been to the King's Head in the past, and expect we'll have breakfast at St. Stephen's Green sometime this weekend. If anyone knows about other pubs I should look into, let me know. I've got some other ideas if all the pubs turn up cold, but it would be the ideal location.


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