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Monday, January 05, 2004


I had to move out of my old office because rather than simply having Jo-Ann move into Ally's old desk and leaving well enough alone, someone with bigger stones wanted my window, so I moved to an ugly windowless hole, including moving Ally's old desk so that Jo-Ann could sit at it. It must have made sense to someone.


We painted the new office on Saturday with a yellow base coat and a rusty brown glaze sponged over the top. It's warm and sunny feeling in here now, and we don't even have the faux-windows done yet. Everyone in the office is impressed with how nice it looks, especially compared to every other space in the building. Now I just need to find a Paris streetscape poster or Irish hills poster to have as my window on the world. Jo-Ann is going to have a beach scene faux-window on her wall since she's the tropical girl. Then we'll happily inhabit the dreary little windowless hovel, because it's just not dreary anymore.


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