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Friday, January 23, 2004

Wog. I always said there was no way I'd ever have kids unless I could guarantee I'd have a girl, and then, and only then, I'd consider having one. So, it looks like my last official barrier to procreation is gone. Of course, I'm still not interested in raising a child. Still, it's interesting to say the least. Didn't figure that would happen so quickly.

(Monday Edit) Since a couple of folks asked about this this weekend, I thought I'd mention that the element of it costing $18k is still an awfully big barrier. Beyond that, when I say happening so quickly, I don't mean within my lifetime as much as within my years of fertility. I've got maybe 10 years of official fertility left. Kinda figured this would be my standing excuse to family in the intervening years. Guess not. Ultimately, I'm just a really good crazy aunt. I loved nothing better than to entertain Ella and Camryn during the Christmas break while mom and dad did wild and wacky things like decorated the house and ate hot food. Five days of kids is great. A lifetime is more than I'm setting out to acheive. If it were to turn out that one of the children I care about needed a home for some deranged reason, I would step up in a heartbeat. But barring that, I'd rather contribute to the world in other ways.


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