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Friday, February 20, 2004

Browsing the SFGate over lunch, I noticed that now a county in New Mexico is issuing same-sex marriage licenses. My thanks to San Francisco for stepping up to the plate and making it possible. The thing is, this isn't a religious issue. A civil marriage confers a lot of privileges (1,049 that the federal government can count). Just because you can have a civil union, doesn't mean your local pastor will do it in his church, and that's his prerogative. That's where the religious element stands. Civil marriage is just a legal bond in the eyes of the government. Anyone can do it for whatever half-baked reason they so choose, and now it's looking more and more likely that that "anyone" will soon include same sex couples. Lord knows millions of heterosexual couples have gotten married for far less appropriate reasons than the reasons the same-sex couples want to have the option.

The fervor over the word marriage amazes me though. I suggest that the religious groups change their terminology. The Mormons call it "being sealed". What say that becomes the religious term and civil marriage is used for everyone else?


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