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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Driving a golf cart on campus is always a weird experience. Everyone you pass envies you. You're not fast enough to really do okay on the street, but you're so big and vehicular that being on the walkways seems wrong too. They have no turn signals or brake lights, so it's tough to communicate to the cars behind you. You don't have a horn so when people are walking five abreast on the walkway, you have no way to let them know you'd like to get by, other than saying, "Um, excuse me?" But when you're feeling weird about being on the walkway anyway, that seems awfully rude. I mean, they're walking on the walkway after all, which is, you know, what it's for. The least I could be is patient, right?

Gnoshing on a pretzel while cruising around in the golf cart is even weirder. I've never gotten more stares in the golf cart. But seriously, it had been meetings a go go since 11am, and by 3:30 I needed food. So walking through the hospital cafeteria, I noticed they had hot pretzels. I couldn't resist! I hopped back in the cart and headed to the next meeting. Yummy pretzel. Cart go wheeeeee!


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