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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Feh. Feeling like Cassandra.

I said from the beginning that the way the business sponsor insists that we create the web forms is madness, that the user community won't stand for it. At 11am, I gave a demo of the new web form for the Hire process to the HR Working Group for the first time. As if on cue, the room erupted into one unified force to push back on the plan. We'd been told that they were all on board with it. We were just going there to get their input on which fields should be shown, and which items should be required prior to saving the transaction. Instead we got into a huge debate about web forms in general. It's a major business process redesign, and the folks in the group are clearly not "on board" as we'd been assured they were. We got slaughtered. We followed that meeting with an emergency design meeting. Harish said, "Well, we'll have to give them something for July, then we can just redesign it all again next year." That works for him and works for Eileen, but it makes me nuts. Why put people through learning to use a new system if you're just going to change it again right away? It's madness. And what the heck am I doing with my life anyway? The only thing I've ever wanted is to make the world a better place (on a big or a small scale) by my having been here. My current work clearly does not meet that criteria. I should be teaching high school. I should be doing activist work for HIV/AIDS or Abortion Rights. Gah. I don't know. Anyway, it's one of those days.

I'm glad that tonight's activities involve shopping for a south bay Irish pub. Tonight's pick is St. Stephen's Green in Los Altos, and I'm really looking forward to a pint of pear cider.


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