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Monday, February 09, 2004

I have about 15 minutes between meetings. It's going to be a crazy week. I probably worked 6-8 hours this weekend on two different things that I just couldn't find time for during the week. This week shows no sign of slowing up. I've got the first major demo of the web forms to the HR Working Group tomorrow. If they like it, things are good. If they hate it, things are really bad.

In the meantime, I still managed to have a pretty nice weekend. On Friday I wore a new shirt I acquired from the Girly Clothing Swap at Corinne's on Thursday night. I danced myself utterly senseless at Friday Night Waltz, standing out something like four dances all night. On Saturday, I wore some new jeans from the same swap. They were still a tad tight, but I was feeling all funky and sexy in these wacky Calvin Klein flare jeans. Rick liked them too. We went to breakfast with Rachel and Kevin and I won a good hand of Fluxx with a patented Kevin-Extendo turn. Then I came home and worked and just couldn't manage to get an outfit together for the ball and pay sufficient attention to getting the work done, so we skipped the ball in favor of finally seeing Master and Commander. Good film, gladly watched with a free ticket, free popcorn, and free soda courtesy of my Movie Watcher card. Then we stopped into Tomatina for dinner afterwards. Their Piadine Caprese is fast becoming one of my favorite foods. Warm flat bread spread with pesto, with three slices of sun-dried tomato, three slices of fresh mozarella, some romaine with balsalmic vinegarette, folded in half and eaten like an oversized taco. Yummy perfection. Sunday morning was spent reading another hundred pages of The Eyre Affair, and then we had a late breakfast with Kat at Ole's Waffle Shop, then I headed home to go back to work while Rick went to install Kat's computer. Nym was in a snuggly mood and I spent most of the evening watching Oliver Twist on Masterpiece Theater with a cat attached to my thighs. I also managed to frame a bunch of photos from our Europe trip.

I still feel like I had most of a weekend, and I feel relieved about having two items off my plate for this week. I'd be scrambling right now otherwise. Instead, I get to write a little note to the world. And I get to go home at a reasonable hour. That's a much better way to start the week, but it's the first time in a long time I've broken my personal promise - not to work the weekend. Weekends are my sacred time. Once in a blue moon, for a very good reason, for something that can't be done any other time, I'll work the weekend, but otherwise, no go. This time, I couldn't work late either Thursday or Friday due to the clothing swap and Friday Night Waltz, so I had to sacrifice the weekend. That's once. I won't let it happen again soon, no matter how crazy things get.

It's good to have goals.


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