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Monday, February 02, 2004

I successfully avoided the Superbowl yesterday. I went to see Fred's production of The Winter's Tale instead. Shakespeare, even odd Shakespeare, is still much better than football. The Winter's Tale is this odd combination of a tragedy and a comedy. The first half is all about a king driven mad by jealousy who sends his wife and unborn daughter to prison, where the wife gives birth and he orders the daughter exposed to the elements on a shore outside of his borders. Their first-born son dies in the process, and the wife dies at the shock of hearing this. Then in the second half it turns into a pastoral comedy set fifteen years later with the shepherd who found the baby now having the most beautiful and somehow nobler than her birth daughter infatuated with the local king's son. The local king is the chap who the other king was jealous of. They were childhood friends and seemed to get along with his wife just a tad too well. Anyway, it all works out in perfect comedic style, with the original wife not being really dead, the two young children getting married, and generally ending like a romantic comedy. It was very odd. But Fred makes a lovely king of Bohemia.

After that, Rick and I headed to the cheapie theaters for Mona Lisa Smile, which was better than I expected. Not a great movie, but a nice revisitation on the classic inspirational teacher story. We split a dinner at El Torito to finish the evening. All in all, Sunday was an awfully nice day.

As for the rest of the weekend, we had a wildly successful games party Friday night, with approximately 30 guests in our place. It was cool. Saturday was spent with Jordan and my mom and Kat lounging around the house watching Battlestar Galactica and Firefly DVDs. Later, down to just Jordan and his wife Kat, we headed to a quick dinner at Tomatina, where we bumped into Anthony and Deborah. Then Rachel saved us by saving Angel. We watched Angel while the party started, then shut off the TV and joined the socializing. But with not enough sleep the night before, we came home early, and slept for 12 hours, making Sunday as nice as it was.

And then I got back to work on Monday. It's a good thing they pay me well. My manager stopped by earlier and asked, "So are you still speaking to me?" Yes, yes I am. But only because none of it is her fault. She's caught in the undertow with me. I will be so thrilled when we're done dealing with Research Compliance. It was a very interesting morning. After getting dressed down by them on Friday for not testing thoroughly enough before testing with users, then they almost completely reversed their position today because the reviewers simply must be able to get into the system no later than Wednesday. Okie dokie. Whenever Shirley and I have enough distance from it all, we laugh a lot about how completely bi-polar these folks seem. Unfortunately, at 9:30 this morning, it wasn't even remotely funny.


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