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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Last Tuesday, I went with Paul and Rick for dinner at the other St. Stephen's Green. It's even more ideal a location than the Mountain View site. So that's it.

I did it. I wrote the scariest email in years. I can't believe I'm thinking of starting something like this. Still, I've looked around. I've got an instructor lined up (thank you Rachel!) and at least one musician (thank you Matt!) and Paul. And Athena has been pestering me for months to get this started. And, well, I just asked for it. The St. Stephen's Green website had an email address, so I wrote to them asking if I could run a south bay ceili there every week on Tuesday nights.

Deep breaths. Hoo-wah!

Now I'm on pins and needles until they reply. I've never been good at asking for what I wanted when I really wanted it. And I just did it. It was scarier than asking for a raise. I think I'm prepared for any response. I'll be very sad if they say no, but I'll keep looking. If they say yes, then I've just committed myself to something huge. But it could be a very very good thing.


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