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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Some days are just emotional roller coasters. A flower delivery man just showed up with flowers for Jo-Ann and I - an arrangement for each of us. Mine is a bouquet of white orchids. The card said, "Thanks for your always available help. Anne Van Camp" We helped Anne out last week because she had a returned transaction that needed to be fully approved in time for the payroll lockout. This all happened at 6pm last Monday. Jo-Ann had been at home all day because her daughter was sick. She IM'd me with a question about the status of a particular transaction. Turns out the transaction had been returned and needed to be re-originated. We had Anne go back in, change a couple of details in the transaction, click save, and then Jo-Ann super-approved the transaction. Net result - one new employee gets paid on time without Anne having to turn in a special form to payroll to generate a special check. It wasn't any big deal. Just all in a day's work. But, for once, it was really realy appreciated. I got all teary eyed. I guess I'm here to help Anne. I guess it makes her world a little better.


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