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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Work has been unbelievably awful the past two days. Today I didn't go in. I felt utterly paralyzed and unable to do my job. Instead, I caught up on sleep, ate what pleased me, made some personal maintenance appointments (smog check, brakes, eye exam), and wrote a long long letter to my bosses. Harish responded. He understands my connundrum, and will do everything he can on his side of the problem, but some basic trust needs to be rebuilt. Oddly enough, I still trust both of my managers. They're not the problem. It's the business sponsors of the two projects I'm working on that are making me absolutely nutty. Sadly, Shirley is out of the office until Monday, and my biggest problems are on the E-Protocols side. I'm utterly terrified to go to the meeting I have to go to tomorrow, and I'm going in there totally alone. I dread tomorrow.

Cognitive dissonance is what I'm suffering, and it's really hurting my brain.


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