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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Had an unexpectedly blissfully California day yesterday.

Arthur called at 9 and asked after my company for lunch. Looking at my calendar, I had meetings scheduled from 9-12, then 1-6. I gambled, and decided that yes, that hour should be spent having lunch. And it was beautiful. We sat outside in the warm spring day, lunching on salad and pizza. I couldn't have asked for a nicer lunch break. Good weather and good company and good food.

Then mid-meeting in the afternoon, Christyn called, and I decided to answer it. She offered me her hot tub and massage spot at 7:10 at Watercourse since Brian is still sick. I decided to go for it regardless of how much extra work I needed to do right now. I tore out of work at 6:57, headed to Watercourse where I met Rick for an hour in tub 9 with a basket of strawberries and a couple of nectarines for supper.

Got home around 9:30, soaked and scrubbed and rubbed and mellow. This is why I love living in Northern California.


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