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Monday, March 01, 2004

On the flipside, life outside of work continues to be fantastic. All is a go for the Tuesday ceili starting March 16th. Athena made me a flyer on Saturday cause she's the coolest. She also took in my dress on Friday night, so now I'm all set for the PEERS Crystal Ball on Saturday. Athena is officially my hero right now.

Saturday I got a smog check and my car passed. Seated at the auto shop, I started chatting with the guy who came in after me. After a while, the desk clerk said, "Have you guys introduced yourselves yet?" Nope, not formally. He insisted we did so, with last names. Ammy Hill, meet Dale Hill. The clerk said, "I've had two folks with the same car come in one after the other, but never the same last name." Hill is awfully common though. Still, reminded me of how Ray and I met so many years ago in that college theater class. The teacher calling off roll, then saying, "Oh, are you two brother and sister? Uh, no. Married? Um, no - never met before! Funny thing was we were both recent additions to the Traveller's Union, but hadn't actually met yet. Small world.

Saturday night was Gaskells. I wore my new black dress with acres of tule and it got rave reviews. Well, that and my pin curled bangs. I had sort of a 40's starlet look going. Didn't suck one little bit. I danced myself senseless, then went to Au Coquelait for treats and friends. I didn't make it home and into bed until 3:33. After a night of waltzing, I went to sleep at waltz time.

Sunday I didn't have any formal plans, but I wanted to have my day be more than sitting around watching tv. Eventually we decided to run see the Triplettes de Belleville, then followed that up with a trip to see Tschaikowsky (and Other Russians) at ACT in the city. They apparently were having trouble filling the house because the show was on Oscar night. They offered that if you came dressed for the Oscars (men in tux, ladies in gown) then you got in free. We got in free, and got a sort of informal "Best Dressed" award, when "Mr. ACT" asked to please take our pictures for the website. I was wearing the same gown from the night before (shocking!), but it was just as stunning the next day. Acres of tule. I truly looked ready for the red carpet, and heck, my dress is better than most of the ones worn at the Oscars last night, and I'll bet none of them were wearing a $40 outlet dress. I'm really glad Fred talked me into going to the show. It was such a treat to hang out with him and Malaya.

And by the way, Triplettes was fantastic. There were probably not 50 words of dialog in the entire film, but it was such a richly told story, in such a perfectly French way, I fell in love. Running through the Oscars last night at high speed on Tivo, I was actually momentarily disappointed that Triplettes lost out to Finding Nemo for best animated of the year. It was a close race. Nemo is probably better, but both probably belong in the top 10 for the year.

Ah well. Back to the real world today. I'm ready to drown my sorrows in a pot of matzo ball soup.


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