Almost there...

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Three notes:
1. Weighed myself at bedtime just before a shower. Already down to 151.6. Some days the hormone fairy giveth; some days she taketh away.

2. Yesterday I was SO hungry, but that's okay. I know it's part of the normal process of starting to eat less. Today it's already 2:00 and I'm just sitting down to lunch, and I'm not even as hungry today as I was yesterday afternoon at this time after lunch. It's getting better already. Still, I broke down and had a Skinny Cow sandwich last night after dinner. Yummy yummy treat. By far, it was the most sugar I've had all week.

3. Just finished doing a hyperspeed course in Irish Ceili dancing to 3 Chinese women and Joan Walton. There is nothing adequate to describe both the oddity and the joy in that experience.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Doing my best to get back on track and make one big push for losing weight (or at least not gaining!) between now and my birthday. I've been trying to put a bunch more veggies into my diet this week, and stay away from white flour foods - bread, cereal, tortillas, pasta, etc. - since they're so high in empty calories. The trouble is that what I want more than anything in the world right now is a big fresh loaf of Grace Baking Pugiliese, hot from the oven, spread with fresh butter.

I never have trouble staying away from sweets. I just don't have much of a sweet tooth, and one tiny piece of chocolate is as good to me as lots of chocolate. Plus, I can satisfy a sweet tooth easily with a diet soda or a Whole Fruit bar or a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. But there's just no substitute for bread. Bread and butter is my downfall. It's what kept the peasants alive when that's all they had because it has a lot of calories in a small space. Unfortunately, it's also what keeps me a little more well padded than I'd like. So, just to get started, I'm trying to cut out bread entirely this week and see how it goes. Tipping the scale above 155 on Saturday night was the gentle tap on the shoulder my body needed to get ready to be real about this again. I want to be down below 150 by my birthday for sure, and 140 is my initial goal weight. If I can consistently hover just below 140, I think I'm okay with that. We'll see when we get there. It's been about five years since I was there.

On the movie set on Saturday, all the women were joking about losing weight as a result of break ups. Sure, there was the usual joshing about "losing 180 pounds of dead weight just like that!" but there was also serious commentary about losing a good amount of weight personally immediately following the breakup. Apparently, having a happy relationship is strongly correlated with gaining 10-20 pounds. I guess that means my next step is to dump Rick if the watching what I eat thing doesn't work. Somehow, I think that may be just the incentive he needs to help keep me on track. (Hi honey!)

Regardless of how it works out, I'm still intending to celebrate my birthday with a whole bunch of my favorite foods. Heck, by the time I pass another decade, the odds are that many of these will be off the menu due to some health issue, so seize the day! Janelle is baking. My mom is bringing zucchini bread. Quinn is bringing espresso brownies. Daniel and Jenn are making their killer chocolate chip cookies. I'm hoping to pick up a pizza from Pizza My Heart, and maybe some burritos from Los Charros. I may also have my mom make her famous brocoli dish, and maybe her chestnut meatballs. Oh, and there will definitely be Grace Baking Pugiliese. And butter. Oh yeah.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Life's little serendipities amuse me. I just went to look up the date using my Windows clock. It was 4:27 on 4/27. Caught my attention for about 2 seconds longer than I was expecting. I'm my own little "looking time" type experiment.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Such a busy weekend!

Friday I got my hair trimmed and ran off to Arthur's party. It was great fun hanging out with Alex and Fred & Malaya and Sara. I hardly ever get a chance to talk to Alex, and she's an awfully cool bean.

Saturday, I was an extra in a movie. I was the prim Fairy Godmother. Lots of hamming it up. Lots of time sitting and waiting. Lots of goofy fun. It was nice to finally get a taste of acting on film.

Saturday night was Gaskells. It was a positively lovely Gaskells. Every dance I had was a good one, and I got there early and even made it into the Grand March. It was a splendid evening, though the lovely weather outside foretold of the heat to come. I wore my new cherry print dress, since I'd already worn my purple Belle dress and corset all day. I danced the night away and skipped Au Coquelait in favor of sleep before 3.

Sunday was spent having breakfast of strawberries, cinnamon rolls and quiche. That was followed up with several hours creating Random Pixel cameras. We prepped 20 out of 40 cameras and unleashed one named Gabe on the world. They're all named after friends. Dinner was Fresh Choice, so we found the most interesting looking pair in the place and handed them the camera. I'm just so thrilled Random Pixel is really out there. Now here's hoping Kev dutifully posts the next set of photos before the end of the day tomorrow. Either that, or teasing will commence immediately. ;-)

Thursday, April 22, 2004

So it's a funny thing. Back when Friendster came out, it was novel and fun, but it broke a lot and was usually painfully slow. Still, I spent a lot of time hanging out there, watching friends appear over time. I've got 94 friends on Friendster.

Then Tribe came out. It was like Friendster only cooler. It was more group oriented. It was cool. I spent a bit of time adding to my profile there. It let you put up a lot more pictures and stuff. I've got 56 friends on Tribe and I started a tribe for Fezziwiggers.

Then Orkut came out. It was supposed to be cooler, but it didn't really work out. It's got some cool features, but mostly it's a whole lot like Tribe, only instead of remembering your login, it forgets if you get distracted for even just 30 minutes. That part sucks. I've got 42 friends and I started 2 communities - another one for Fezziwigs and one for Stanford University Staff.

But then something funny happened. I stopped looking at any of them. Somehow, having three, none of which where the obvious good choice kinda led to me getting disinterested in all of them. I don't go trawling for photos of friends. I don't read the posts in the communities. I check in once in a blue moon, but usually when I get a notice saying "Someone has requested you as a friend" or whatever, it gets tossed with the rest of the junk mail. I don't even think of going to one of these when I'm bored and in the mood to procrastinate on work. I'm not sure, but I think Orkut killed it. I wonder what's going to happen to all of them now, because I can't imagine they're a money making proposition.

I did use Orkut the other day though. I decided that at my birthday party I should have all my favorite foods, but then, no shit, there I was, on the phone with my mom and she says, "Like what?" and I said, "Uhhhhh..." Then I remember that I posted a whole big thing on Orkut in the Favorite Cuisines section. So now my mom is bringing her zucchini bread to my birthday, and grandma's baking her heavenly ginger snaps. And I'm probably going to pick up a pizza at Pizza My Heart and a half dozen burritos from Los Charros. So I guess it's still kinda useful. Or something.

Computer attacks - they're not just for Windows anymore!

Star Trek inspires science, again. Yay.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Whoa. Okay, so the SFGate is the online wing of the SF Chronicle. Does anyone know if this article actually appeared in the paper? If so, double whoa.

Now, I count myself poly by nature, but I also see this as really damned risky right now. This is not an issue I want brought to the attention of the religious right - not right now. How about we secure gay marriage first. Oh no wait. That issue was supposed to wait until after November too. How about we get a new frickin' president first! Oh lordy. Please let's not rile up the centrists. We need their votes. Come November, we can start major forward motion of social issues again, but please, not now.

That being said, this seems a fair and even balanced article. I only take issue with the grammatical construction in the quote, "People who choose a polyamory lifestyle..." Really dears, it's a polyamorous lifestyle.

Whoa. Deep breath. Y'know, I knew this would be newsworthy someday. I just didn't expect it to be right away. Especially not in the deeply conservative, flag-waving, willing to sign away freedoms for the sake of security kind of mood the country is in right now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I'm not going to Disneyland!

I know, shouldn't be excited about that. But the alternative is awfully groovy. For my birthday, I'm having a party at home on Friday night. Then Saturday morning we're getting in the car and driving to my grandparent's house to pick up their van conversion for a little road trip. We're headed to Ashland, Salem, Portland, Port Orchard, Vancouver, and Seattle. Highlights include the Enchanted Forest, visiting Anna and Forest, seeing Quidam, visiting Dirk, Tracey, Camryn, and Ella, and the Seattle Folk Life Festival. Also, we'll be taking our bed with us as we go, so we can stop when we're tired and skip the hotel costs. We got good seats to Quidam (third row, near the aisle) and I can't wait to see the gang in Seattle. Plus the odds are high that I'll be on a log ride on my birthday because yes, I am still a kid at heart. And dangit, I wanna go to Disneyland too! But that looks like it needs to wait until fall.

Okay, so the number one wished for thing my friends ask for with my blog is the ability to leave comments. I'm really torn about this. On the one hand, I like that there's no feedback unless I talk to folks in person. I get to throw stuff out there, be confident about it, and not fret over the consequences unless someone is offended/outraged/strongly agreeing. I get to launch this stuff out there and don't have time-consuming drama-fests ensuing as a result. On the other hand, I'm curious about what people think. Still, I'm leary of the 128 comment posts I see on Live Journal from time to time. Ultimately, I'm not certain that Blogger (my weblogging tool of choice) supports comments at all. So, is Almost There... a newspaper that you read and chat about with friends or pass on articles from. Or is Almost There... a forum and a place to exchange ideas.

If anyone knows how to get comments in Blogger, let me know, because unless that's possible, all of this is just mental masturbation. You can email me at Which, you know, you could also do if you wanted to comment on my blog...

Monday, April 19, 2004

Unrepentant pillow thief!

Nym went well beyond sleeping on my head last night. She moved straight on into a hostile takeover of my pillow.

No shit, there I was, lying in bed with my boyfriend and his three pillows, my foster kitty and her pillow, and me without a pillow in the world. I tried shoving her off. I tried laying on her. Nothing phased her. Within minutes she was back fully sprawled. Rassafrassagrr. I am now appropriating one of the pillows from the guest bed. Unbelievable.

Well, now I'm officially procrastinating on going to bed. I'm showered and ready, but resisting.

So this weekend turned out to be up to my usual standard of whirlwind. Rick met me at work and we headed to Orinda to see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at Miramonte High School. Those kids did an amazing job. The tried for the standard 30 plays in 60 minutes, then offered a "Desserts" selection of 20 plays in 40 minutes of by their own hand. These kids are amazing. I laughed so hard. When we arrived, I wore my TMLMTBGB t-shirt and became an instant celebrity. One of the cast accused me of being a spy from Chicago. I assured them I was just a fan. Once they got it that I wasn't related to the school at all, one girl hugged me. I've never felt so welcomed to a production anywhere, except possibly by the Neo-Futurists in Chicago. Maybe this show just brings out the best in people.

Saturday was breakfast and an oil change followed by cooking Indian food for Em's party. My spicy green beans got rave reviews, and the Aloo Gobi and Cauliflower Masala I made didn't turn out badly either. There was way too much food, but it was so yummy. We settled in to watch "The Guru" which was, well, um, bad in an entertaining way. And well, Heather Graham is hot. If she was reciting the phone book, I'd still be entranced. She has the biggest anime eyes ever seen on a real human being. Still, in this, playing a porn star again, it's hard to imagine she got her start playing Annie, the ex-nun girlfriend of Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks. Yeah.

Things got unfortunately dramatic at the end of the evening with Christyn collapsing on her way to the car. Fortunately, Dawn and Bates and Brian were all with her. They called me looking for Athena's cel phone number. Unfortunately, we weren't able to raise Cyrus or Athena for about a half hour. They'd already made it home by the time we had her online, so getting professional advice was hard long distance. Ultimately, the gang decided that since Christyn was fading in and out of lucidity for over 30 minutes, it was time to call 911. Five hours and many tests later they left the emergency room not knowing anything more than they knew going in. I dread the numbers on that bill when it arrives. Oy. Christyn is back home and doing better now though.

This was another monkey wrench in my ever changing Sunday plans. First, we'd planned to go to the Art Deco exhibit on Sunday with Cy and Athena, but Athena had a presentation come up unexpectedly and had to prepare. Then we'd planned for brunch and mini-golf with Christyn and Brian. That plan sorta crashed and burned. So then we were at loose ends. I called a couple of folks, and eventually, Mice and Wendy and Fred and Malaya joined us for Glow in the Dark Mini-Golf at Putting Edge. It's pretty cool, though the course isn't particularly interesting beyond the fact that it's all blacklit. But it was a good time nonetheless. We decided to skip the movie at the Stanford Theater in favor of the much cheaper option of watching it at home on DVD. So we grabbed a bite at the Food Court and headed out of the mall in two teams. Fred, Rick, Mice and Wendy were going to get dessert. Malaya and I went to get the DVD, with strict orders for no shoe shopping. Well, we couldn't quite resist checking one store for the white sandals Malaya wanted, and found them almost instantly. We checked out and were out of the mall in no time. Then came the hard part - finding a classic on DVD. Hollywood Video had never heard of it. Tower Video had no clue. Then I tried calling Rick to see if he had an opinion, and remembered Videoscope. This video store is what all video stores should aspire to be. They had both the DVD and a public restroom (which was sorely needed at that point). We headed home at last victorious, cursing my foolishness for not just going there first, and curled up with a scoop of New York Super Chunk Fudge to watch Bell, Book, and Candle. What an odd flick! Anyway, I suggested a monthly classic film night, and everyone agreed that'd be a great idea, so maybe that will make it's way into the upcoming schedule. First stop will have to be Citizen Kane since I'm an barbarian who has never seen it.

Anyway, it was a great, and hectic weekend. Now, it's bedtime, since I've got a meeting in less than 8 hours and I still can't teleport to work.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Okay, so Sunday has two options.

Plan A - go to the Art Deco exhibit at the Legion of Honor.

Plan B - go to Indoor Glow in the Dark Miniature Golf.

So do I want art type culture or pop culture? Hmmmm.....

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I'm feeling a weird state of total motivationlessness. At work, I'm not getting much done, partly due to others, but also largely due to my lack of focus. After work, I should be working on promoting the Tuesday ceili (which is still the coolest thing I've ever done), but the thought of dragging myself out to Scruffys last night or the King's Head tonight was too much to bear. I'm taking a Lindy class Thursday nights, and while I'm there, I'm loving it. Richard is an absolutely amazing teacher. I'm finally starting to feel like I have enough basic competence in Lindy to consider going swing dancing in public. The odd thing is that about 4:00 today I was ready to go home and take a shower and get ready for bed. Had to talk myself into another 2+ hours of work and then staying another whole hour for the class.

It's weird, because my whole life is sort of structured around the assumption that I will have limitless energy and will always want to go and do more. My spirit seems to be rebelling against that at the moment and all I want to do is sit at home in front of the Tivo or read a stack of books. Very odd.

Eh, not going to worry about it. It'll go away. In the meantime, the St. Stephen's Ceili business cards arrived from Vista Print today. If those had arrived yesterday, I definitely would've gone to the set dancing last night. Instead it was all about me and a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup curled up with Gilmore Girls, Angel, and Mythbusters. It was a damned fine evening.

It's going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow we're going to see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at Miramonte high school (where Elizabeth used to teach drama). Saturday we're cooking an Indian feast and watching The Guru at Emily's place. Sunday I'm starting to shop for a new cellular provider. My stupid T-Mobile service always drops my calls, and after just one year, my stupid T-Mobile/Motorola phone won't hold a charge for more than half a day. Grr. I may go back to a Sprint/Samsung combo unless other folks have good recommendations.

It's funny. Spring is supposed to be a time of rebirth and rejuvenation, but so many folks I know are depressed right now (Karen, Rick, Rachel, etc.). Maybe it's just rubbing off on me.

Time to dance!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Reading an article online about Senator Liz Figueroa objecting to Gmail and considering legislating against it. I couldn't help but write a letter:

I was reading an article online, and read this quote from you saying
about Gmail "it is not customers who want such a program, it is

You are wrong.

A wise person once said "Don't hold strong opinions about things you
don't understand."

I've used Hotmail as my primary mail carrier for the past seven years.
I have switched to Gmail at my first opportunity. Yes, I'm aware of
the targeted advertising. In fact, I really appreciate it. It's much
better than seeing the same ad for mortgage refinancing, or the X10
camera, or, or punch the monkey 80 times a day.
Sometimes the ads help me find exactly what I'm looking for. It's
already happened once. So instead of annoying popup ads full of sound
effects and other nuisances, I get advertising for things that might
actually interest me. But more than that, 99% of the time, I don't
even notice the ads. There's no flashing. There's no doorbell sound
effects. There's not animated gifs of a guy dancing. Just text. I love

And you know what else? I love everything else about Gmail too. I love
that I can type part of an email address in the To: line and it fills
in the rest from my address book automatically. I love that there are
hot keys that allow me to compose messages with one keystroke rather
than having to click a button with my mouse. I love that I can archive
messages and search for them later by keywords. I love that I have 1
gigabyte of free space while Hotmail keeps jacking up the price of
storage every year even though the cost of providing storage has gone
down significantly.

And that brings me to another point. Hotmail sucks. It's been a poor
solution for me for years now, but there's not been anything
significantly better, so I've put up with it. Now there's something
much better out there, and I'm more than willing to make the deal they
ask me to make. Yahoo and Hotmail both ask me for tons of demographic
information up front - what I do for a living, how much money I make,
where I live, etc. Google asks for none of that. I give my name and
they give me an email address, for free. If you want to go after
someone for invasion of privacy, go after Hotmail or Yahoo. Or better
yet, don't go after any of them.

Ultimately, this is a free service that the consumer can choose to use
or not on the provider's terms. I choose to use it, and there's
absolutely no reason why the government should be interested in
legislating that choice. I know that whether Google scans my mail for
content or it just lives on Hotmail's servers and serves me stupid
ads, free email is never ultimately truly private. It lives on someone
else's servers either way. If Google, or Hotmail, or Yahoo, or more
likely, if the government wanted to see my emails, they are accessible
because the data is out there on a machine owned by someone else. I'm
too cheap and too lazy to host my own server and pay for broadband
service to access it from anywhere any time. As a result, I accept the
trade off. And in this case, I'll cheerfully take Google's offer over
Hotmail, because when you're talking about evil empires, I'll happily
have a relationship with Google, but I'll never trust the Kool-Aid
that Microsoft and Hotmail are offering.

/end email to senator

I guess I can't expect a senator to understand the basics of technology and what is and is not a violation of privacy when she can't even keep her own website up. Right now, I get an error saying "Could not connect to JRun Connector Proxy. Please contact the system administrator for this web site." Sigh. Really tempts me to run for office. Maybe that's the calling I've been avoiding. At least I won't need to seriously consider that for another five years or so. No one is going to elect a 30 year old kid. Of course, who am I kidding? Who would ever elect me? I might actually know enough and care enough to do a good job. That and I'm an atheistic polyamorous woman living with my S.O. out of wedlock. Yah. That says electability right there. Sure. Sigh.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Wow. Every now and then something hits it on the head. I'm ever so surprised when is some form of astrology.

Chestnut Tree (the Honesty) -- of unusual
stature, impressive, well-developed sense of
justice, fun to be around, a planner, born
diplomat, can be irritated easily, sensitive of
others feelings, hard worker, sometimes acts
superior, feels not understood at times,
fiercely family oriented, very loyal in love,
physically fit.

Which Tree Are You? (Tree Astrology)
brought to you by Quizilla

The only place it doesn't describe me well is in the "fiercely family oriented" way, but then it's a matter of how you define family. There's my blood family, but then there's my friendship family, and that's the family I'm very fiercely oriented toward. Wacky. And to add to coicidence, my hair is dyed "Roasted Chestnut" at the moment. Time to bust out the handy dandy Mycrotech Entroposcope!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

I'm trying to decide what to do for my birthday. It's the big 30.

I could have a dance party and have it either at St. Stephen's Green, or rent some place like Goat Hall.

I could go on a road trip with Rick to points north (Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver), and see Quidam in Vancouver.

I could go south to Disneyland to see the new Hollywood Tower of Terror.

Or I could do nothing. I really want to do something, but I just don't know what yet. Kinda wish this would magically plan itself. Also kinda holding off on doing anything until Rick has his interview with E-Loan tomorrow. I really hope he gets the job. Really really. It's hard to worry about my desires when I don't know whether or not he can be included. Gah. Oh well, by the end of tomorrow, we'll have at least a vague idea.

Not as Planned week continues with a planned call from the developer in Australia at 3. Sent him a note around 3:30 saying to call anytime and that I was at my desk. Haven't heard back. Been trying to do small things that don't take me away from my desk. I'm now officially bored. Sure, I could slog through my email some more. I could do more LOA stuff. But really, this call stuff is what I wanted to get done today, and I'm thinking that's not going to happen. Drat. And very odd. Hope everything is okay in his neck of the woods.

Tonight is the second lindy class, so I'm hanging around the office. More than anything though, I just want to go home and sleep. The cards for the Tuesday ceili didn't arrive yet, so I'm going to skip going to King's Head tonight. It's just been such an off kilter week. Apparently, full moons and daylight savings time don't mix, or at least that's Joan's theory in Dance Fitness today. Only 4 people showed up out of a 10 person class. Very very odd.

I hate it when I get bored like this. Being bored doesn't have anything to do with not having anything to do. It is a weird state of mind that is self-perpetuating. Bored bored bored. At least I got a chance to catch up on Miceland and Mister Justin's Blog.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Okay, so I've officially dubbed this week "Not as Planned". Sometimes that's good. Sometimes that's bad. Rick being up sick Monday morning, that's bad. Having to be here stupid late at work because the Lab Animals E-Protocol system was not working right, that's bad. Getting a call from my 7th grade boyfriend who I haven't talked to in about four years, that's good.

Mark was my very first boyfriend. We were together, then broke up, then got together again, then broke up, but remained friends. I couldn't ask for more than that in life. He asked me to his prom. At prom, he said, "You've just graduated from high school, what do you want to do next?" I said, "I'm wanna go to Disneyland!" and then he called me a week later having started working on arranging it. In fact, my whole appreciation for Disneyland is pretty much his fault, because that trip with him totally rocked. Mark went off to the Marines after graduation, and has stayed a Marine for 12 years. He's eligible for retirement in 8 years. Yes, this makes me feel old.

But I gotta say, though our lives have taken very different paths, it's nice to know there's still a warm spot for each other in our hearts. Hopefully he'll get a chance to come up and visit before he's deployed again. He's going back to Iraq in August or September, and he sounds more nervous about it than I've ever heard before. He went to a funeral this week for some guys in his group, and some more guys died this week. Now is not a good time to be a Marine. Guys are getting blown up in their sleep.

He gave me a lovely compliment. We were talking about how different folks had turned out different ways, how his friend Miles was a Republican now, but how I'd always had my ideals and I'd stuck by them. He's someone who can really honestly say that. He knew me when I was 13, and he knows for sure that I've always had very strong opinions about right and wrong and politics and social policy. If anything, I was more political at 13 than I am now.

Oh, and yes, it's very odd to find that old friends found you by reading your blog. Odd, and pretty darned cool.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Rick has an interview scheduled Friday for the first time in a year. He's had a few phone interviews and a few short contracts, but this is a real honest to god walk in and talk to us about this full time position kind of interview. God I hope he gets it. If he gets it, it will definitely mean a move for us. The job is out at E-Loan in Pleasanton, so we'd probably make the jump across the bay to Fremont or something like it.

Send good thoughts and good luck his way this week. His week started off terribly inauspiciously, so here's hoping that things are looking up.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

I got one... ammy.hill.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Y'know, the problem with having an enormous pile of chocolate sitting in front of you is that around five o'clock when you know it's going to be over 3 hours until dinner, it looks really really good. Too good to resist. Chalk up another 4 points out of today's calories. Ammy 0, Chocolate 7. Sigh. Good thing I have both Dance Fitness and fast Lindy today to help burn off.

Okay, I know I kept saying it would get better, but it has. Work is better. I've got one day today where I need to get a lot of things done, but I can because I have no meetings. None. Not a single one. Just ran out to do my dance fitness class and later I'm planning to take Bill on a magic cart ride to introduce him to the campus.

Oh, and by the way, one of the primary reasons it's better is because of Bill. Bill is Paul's roommate, and until Tuesday he was an unemployed tech writer. Tuesday he started being a temporarily employed tech writer working for my projects. Shirley has said I can give him anything to work on that I desire. I am so thrilled to have some support. I immediately thought of four or five things I could hand off to him quickly, and there's another several big chunks coming at me that I'm going to gracefully sidestep and allow to land on his plate. This is such a good thing.

This morning I did some basic maintenance around here (though I still need to put some hours into taming my email inbox, now bursting with 631 messages). This afternoon, I'm planning to work on a long put off Leave of Absence web form development. I've been trying to get to this for about a month now, but knew I needed about four hours of quality time to get to the next step with it. Now, I have it. This makes me so very very pleased.

Plus, Bill's so happy to have a job, which is an added bonus. I said hi this morning, and he said, "Do you like chocolate?" I said, "Yes," knowing full well that today was the day I'd intended to really throw myself at my diet anew (having now gained back five pounds lost last year. Grrrrr.). He handed me two enormous slabs of chocolate, one of which was a 70% dark chocolate imported from Belgium. Yeah, we'll be really doing the diet thing tomorrow. Today, it's the diet thing with a little piece of chocolate thrown in (only 3 points worth!). Still doing my darndest to be very very good.

Anyway, it's a good day. I'm getting stuff done, and there's still a lot to do, but it's not an overwhelming toppling mountain, and I've got some clarity on how to work with some other folks so that maybe we can avoid pissy outbursts in the future. I hope. See - I've got hope again. That's such a cool thing!