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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I'm not going to Disneyland!

I know, shouldn't be excited about that. But the alternative is awfully groovy. For my birthday, I'm having a party at home on Friday night. Then Saturday morning we're getting in the car and driving to my grandparent's house to pick up their van conversion for a little road trip. We're headed to Ashland, Salem, Portland, Port Orchard, Vancouver, and Seattle. Highlights include the Enchanted Forest, visiting Anna and Forest, seeing Quidam, visiting Dirk, Tracey, Camryn, and Ella, and the Seattle Folk Life Festival. Also, we'll be taking our bed with us as we go, so we can stop when we're tired and skip the hotel costs. We got good seats to Quidam (third row, near the aisle) and I can't wait to see the gang in Seattle. Plus the odds are high that I'll be on a log ride on my birthday because yes, I am still a kid at heart. And dangit, I wanna go to Disneyland too! But that looks like it needs to wait until fall.


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