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Monday, April 26, 2004

Such a busy weekend!

Friday I got my hair trimmed and ran off to Arthur's party. It was great fun hanging out with Alex and Fred & Malaya and Sara. I hardly ever get a chance to talk to Alex, and she's an awfully cool bean.

Saturday, I was an extra in a movie. I was the prim Fairy Godmother. Lots of hamming it up. Lots of time sitting and waiting. Lots of goofy fun. It was nice to finally get a taste of acting on film.

Saturday night was Gaskells. It was a positively lovely Gaskells. Every dance I had was a good one, and I got there early and even made it into the Grand March. It was a splendid evening, though the lovely weather outside foretold of the heat to come. I wore my new cherry print dress, since I'd already worn my purple Belle dress and corset all day. I danced the night away and skipped Au Coquelait in favor of sleep before 3.

Sunday was spent having breakfast of strawberries, cinnamon rolls and quiche. That was followed up with several hours creating Random Pixel cameras. We prepped 20 out of 40 cameras and unleashed one named Gabe on the world. They're all named after friends. Dinner was Fresh Choice, so we found the most interesting looking pair in the place and handed them the camera. I'm just so thrilled Random Pixel is really out there. Now here's hoping Kev dutifully posts the next set of photos before the end of the day tomorrow. Either that, or teasing will commence immediately. ;-)


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