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Monday, April 19, 2004

Well, now I'm officially procrastinating on going to bed. I'm showered and ready, but resisting.

So this weekend turned out to be up to my usual standard of whirlwind. Rick met me at work and we headed to Orinda to see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at Miramonte High School. Those kids did an amazing job. The tried for the standard 30 plays in 60 minutes, then offered a "Desserts" selection of 20 plays in 40 minutes of by their own hand. These kids are amazing. I laughed so hard. When we arrived, I wore my TMLMTBGB t-shirt and became an instant celebrity. One of the cast accused me of being a spy from Chicago. I assured them I was just a fan. Once they got it that I wasn't related to the school at all, one girl hugged me. I've never felt so welcomed to a production anywhere, except possibly by the Neo-Futurists in Chicago. Maybe this show just brings out the best in people.

Saturday was breakfast and an oil change followed by cooking Indian food for Em's party. My spicy green beans got rave reviews, and the Aloo Gobi and Cauliflower Masala I made didn't turn out badly either. There was way too much food, but it was so yummy. We settled in to watch "The Guru" which was, well, um, bad in an entertaining way. And well, Heather Graham is hot. If she was reciting the phone book, I'd still be entranced. She has the biggest anime eyes ever seen on a real human being. Still, in this, playing a porn star again, it's hard to imagine she got her start playing Annie, the ex-nun girlfriend of Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks. Yeah.

Things got unfortunately dramatic at the end of the evening with Christyn collapsing on her way to the car. Fortunately, Dawn and Bates and Brian were all with her. They called me looking for Athena's cel phone number. Unfortunately, we weren't able to raise Cyrus or Athena for about a half hour. They'd already made it home by the time we had her online, so getting professional advice was hard long distance. Ultimately, the gang decided that since Christyn was fading in and out of lucidity for over 30 minutes, it was time to call 911. Five hours and many tests later they left the emergency room not knowing anything more than they knew going in. I dread the numbers on that bill when it arrives. Oy. Christyn is back home and doing better now though.

This was another monkey wrench in my ever changing Sunday plans. First, we'd planned to go to the Art Deco exhibit on Sunday with Cy and Athena, but Athena had a presentation come up unexpectedly and had to prepare. Then we'd planned for brunch and mini-golf with Christyn and Brian. That plan sorta crashed and burned. So then we were at loose ends. I called a couple of folks, and eventually, Mice and Wendy and Fred and Malaya joined us for Glow in the Dark Mini-Golf at Putting Edge. It's pretty cool, though the course isn't particularly interesting beyond the fact that it's all blacklit. But it was a good time nonetheless. We decided to skip the movie at the Stanford Theater in favor of the much cheaper option of watching it at home on DVD. So we grabbed a bite at the Food Court and headed out of the mall in two teams. Fred, Rick, Mice and Wendy were going to get dessert. Malaya and I went to get the DVD, with strict orders for no shoe shopping. Well, we couldn't quite resist checking one store for the white sandals Malaya wanted, and found them almost instantly. We checked out and were out of the mall in no time. Then came the hard part - finding a classic on DVD. Hollywood Video had never heard of it. Tower Video had no clue. Then I tried calling Rick to see if he had an opinion, and remembered Videoscope. This video store is what all video stores should aspire to be. They had both the DVD and a public restroom (which was sorely needed at that point). We headed home at last victorious, cursing my foolishness for not just going there first, and curled up with a scoop of New York Super Chunk Fudge to watch Bell, Book, and Candle. What an odd flick! Anyway, I suggested a monthly classic film night, and everyone agreed that'd be a great idea, so maybe that will make it's way into the upcoming schedule. First stop will have to be Citizen Kane since I'm an barbarian who has never seen it.

Anyway, it was a great, and hectic weekend. Now, it's bedtime, since I've got a meeting in less than 8 hours and I still can't teleport to work.


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