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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Whoa. Okay, so the SFGate is the online wing of the SF Chronicle. Does anyone know if this article actually appeared in the paper? If so, double whoa.

Now, I count myself poly by nature, but I also see this as really damned risky right now. This is not an issue I want brought to the attention of the religious right - not right now. How about we secure gay marriage first. Oh no wait. That issue was supposed to wait until after November too. How about we get a new frickin' president first! Oh lordy. Please let's not rile up the centrists. We need their votes. Come November, we can start major forward motion of social issues again, but please, not now.

That being said, this seems a fair and even balanced article. I only take issue with the grammatical construction in the quote, "People who choose a polyamory lifestyle..." Really dears, it's a polyamorous lifestyle.

Whoa. Deep breath. Y'know, I knew this would be newsworthy someday. I just didn't expect it to be right away. Especially not in the deeply conservative, flag-waving, willing to sign away freedoms for the sake of security kind of mood the country is in right now.


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