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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Birthday Party

Had a birthday party tonight and a lot of people showed up. At 8:30 the house was completely packed, and I realized that none of these were just acquaintences. All of them were really friends who all showed up to celebrate with me. I've got a really great circle of friends.

Plus, I got really cool presents, including the Monkees Season 1 on DVD, Meet Me In St. Louis on DVD, a Hear Music gift certificate, a Victoria's Secret gift certificate, a interesting new artist on CD, a salt scrub bar from Origins, a lovely green glass vase, Zigity, Emotional Design by Don Norman, Ginger Snaps from my grandma, a zucchini bread recipe and 3 loaves from my mom, some great pictures of me framed from Rachel, a Tibos Crepe Maker, and a whole bunch more, plus a lot of great cards. I'm always surprised when people bring presents, but it's really nice. I feel overwhelmingly loved tonight.

I had a good week at work, getting a lot of stuff done and done well. I managed to finish of the testing and make some tweeks to the design and get it shipped off to the jsp developer to implement. I created a gorgeous presentation for the vets, and had the whole presentation delivery go wonderfully. I arrived at work this morning to find balloons and chocolate dipped strawberries from my roommate. I had lunch with her and another coworker who bought me lunch. I did a little testing to make sure the jsps worked on a Mac, and added one element to the design, and wrapped it all up and left work feeling accomplished.

And tomorrow, it's off on vacation. Life is awfully good right now.


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