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Thursday, May 13, 2004


Okay, so one of the cool things about the bay area is KFOG. There are clones of Alice all over the country. There are NPR stations as good as KQED in most major cities. But there really isn't anything quite like KFOG. It's one of the little things I missed when I lived in L.A.

So in my mail the other day was a package from KFOG. It had a CD, a Foghead window cling, and a form letter. Not just any form letter, oh no. This was a letter that mentioned that I was coming up on a big milestone birthday, and KFOG, specifically Big Rick, wanted to wish me a happy birthday, and here was a sampler CD and a window cling as a present.

Yes, it was just a form letter, but someone actually programmed the database to look for all the Fogheads with milestone birthdays (presumably things like 21, 30, 40, 50, etc.) and send them a special letter. It wasn't the letter that everyone gets every year on their birthday; this was the special one. Someone at KFOG had to think that would be a good idea. Someone else had to okay it and pay the extra programming hours to do that. Someone had to okay sending out presents. And someone had to get paid to make sure that task gets done at least once a month. That's cool.

So my car has a new Foghead window cling next to my Tivo window cling. And my cd player is really liking some of the cuts on the sampler CD. I'm especially fond of track 3 by Jem called "I'm sorry". It's complicated and sexy and harmonious. I like it. Track 16 is by Johnny A., who I've much taken a liking to but haven't yet broken down to buy the album.

KFOG rocks. That's all.


  • That track is probably Jem's "They" which is the first track off of her new album. I like it too, so much so that I bought the album.

    Cool present from KFOG

    By Blogger Rachel, at 2:42 PM  

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