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Monday, May 03, 2004

I am currently searching for a new phone, and right now, it's looking like it's going to be a Nokia 6820. I've never been a fan of Nokia, but this phone has some really great features. My current phone, a feeble little Motorola with T-Mobile service has been one of the poorer purchasing choices I've ever made. T-Mobile coverage has been very poor in the Bay Area. I don't have coverage at home, don't have coverage on 101 between work and home, and most of my calls are dropped before I finish talking. The phone itself has been slowly losing battery life and now can receive one phone call and then it thinks it's low on battery. When it's low on battery, it beeps every five minutes or so. This is really annoying when sitting with a client waiting for a call back from the developer. It's the "Sorry about my phone. I know it's really annoying." conversation that I get sick of having. So, new phone is in order. Required features are a removeable, replaceable battery, one touch access to the phone book, and coverage at home and in my office. The AT&T Wireless online purchase gives me 30 days to try out that range of features. Just a little more research to do, and then I'll decide.

Overall, I'm really surprised by how little innovation there's been in the past year in cell phones. There's nothing new really, and there wasn't anything particularly new or interesting last year when I was looking either. I really don't need my phone to be a camera, and that seems to be the only major source of innovation. I guess that's why I'm interested in this Nokia. For about what I'm paying now per month, I can have a phone that folds out to a full keyboard and allows me to use Yahoo Instant Messenger. This could be really useful for work since Y!IM is what we use on the team. Being in a meeting, and able to say "Hey Eileen, can you bring a copy of blah to the meeting at 10?" and have her respond "Yes" and me say "Thanks." would've been really useful a couple of weeks ago. That, and now at the really boring meetings, I can IM Kev and say, "Dude!" or whatever.

And yes, it's Sunday night, and I'm not sleepy. Sunday night super insomnia strikes again. I really wish it was a 3 day weekend. It has felt all day like it was supposed to be and something is just wrong with the universe. It can't possibly be time to go back to work already. Blarg.


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