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Friday, May 07, 2004

Lots of mini-notes

Was so busy at work this week that I faded a bit on the diet. I avoided the Mexican pastries in the morning for Cinco de Mayo, but the chips and salsa got me in the afternoon. Back to it next week with a vengence. Luckily, this weekend is apparently much less busy than normal, so I have time to cook. Yay! Gonna make up several fridge goodies for next week so that I eat well. On the plus side, I'm down to 150 (from 156 two weeks ago) and feeling much better. I now get full on a small meal. When my Lean Cuisine for lunch today made me feel stuffed, I knew I'd turned the corner. The body is getting back to reality, and I really like it.

Two people from the office told me today that they saw my name in the paper on Wednesday. (The link above requires registration, but you can skip that using if you like.) They were impressed that I was mentioned in the Business section. I guess they perceive that section as more important. Go figure. This led to an impromptu break in the Lab Animals review meeting today where we went and looked at RandomPixel for 2 minutes.

I taught the beginning Irish Ceili class at St. Steven's Green since Rachel couldn't be there. If I'd known I was going to do it, I would've been all nervous, but when she wasn't there, I just leapt in and went for it. It went really well. I got them through the Galway reel with no death, plusthe body of the four hand reel. It was really fun. I am now officially less terrified of having to teach a class on occasion. Yay!

I just finished going through a financial planning worksheet that my financial planner assigned me. I'm sure everyone is surprised by their spending in one area or another. For me, my entertainment costs are surprisingly low, but my food costs are astronomical. Sure, my dining out accounts for about $200 a month, but that I expected. What I didn't expect was that I spent $400 on groceries in March. Bizarre. I know I cook a lot. I know I choose high quality ingredients. But wow. I think that month was an exception, because April was about $200, but still. Wow. Gonna keep an eye on that for a while. All in all though, I think my spending is fairly restrained (except for food. Big exception.)

Watched the last episode of Fire Within last night. It seemed to end on a whimper. I don't think the folks at Cirque have fully figured out TV as a medium yet. Also watched 3 episodes of Solstrom. The first one (Romance) was ok. The second one we watched (Gothic) was pretty bad, but it had Brian Le Petit. The third one (Twins) was actually really really good. It had a great actor/performer as the lead going through the looking glass into a sort of twins world. There was an act with bubbles that was insane. Also, there was a two woman strength act that was way sexy. The show held together for the full hour. Overall though, the shows are pretty much a stage show being filmed. The sets are cheesy. The acting is often second rate since the performers are usually highly skilled at something else as their primary reason for being there. The style of photography looks a lot like BBC from the 80's. Some things work. Others fall really flat. I disagree with Kev's assessment of "Teletubbies for Adults". That's really not it. It's circus, not quite ready for television as a medium. Anyhow, Paul's recording more episodes, and he says I've got some sort of special privilege on his Tivo since I made it land in his home. I'm all for it. It was such a pleasant evening, with snuggles from head to toe - Rick scratching my head while Paul rubbed my feet. I was in my own personal heaven.

And now, I'm off to Friday Night Waltz.


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