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Thursday, May 06, 2004

My birthday is my semi-annual opportunity to find out what I really want in the way of stuff and update my wishlist online. I'm not fishing for presents, but I like taking a pause and figuring out what I'd buy if I were gonna get myself something, or what I'd be excited about ripping the wrapping paper off of. This year, my gift to self seems to be a new phone. Not sure if I'm going to add to that or not. Also, work seems to be giving me a new computer (for a mobility enabled Ammy with less memory errors). Between those two, I'm probably going to be plenty satisfied with the quantity of new stuff. Still, it's fun to look. Looks like costume stuff is still topping the list of items I'd like to buy.

Overall though, I'm still just not a stuff person. I'd much prefer new experiences over new things. A plane ticket to London/Paris/anywhere in Europe would be far more exciting to me than something else I have to find room for in my closet.


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