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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

New Toy!

Okay, so I bought it. I was really discouraged this morning because I contacted the AT&T Wireless chat help through the website. First it took 6 minutes to get connected. Then I asked my question, and the rep immediately said, "Oh, well if you're buying from, I can't help you." I said that I had questions about the service plan rather than the phone purchase itself and could he please clarify for me. Then there was an 8 minute pause. Then I asked my question about the insurance again and there was no response. And finally he responded by pointing me to the web page where I'd actually been in the first place that made me have a question. I explained that I was looking for clarification, and he pasted the text of the website into the chat form. Yah, really not helping. Things went on this way through one further question before he pointed me to another webpage and logged off without checking to see if he had answered my question. I was now really doubting choosing AT&T as a carrier, and dreading having to start the shopping process over again. So I wrote to them via their contact us form, and said how I was feeling, and said that if they wanted to save their chance at having my business that they could call me and answer my questions. At 3:00, I got a call from James, who sincerely apologized for Lamar, answered all of my questions in great detail, and generally made it clear that they did have a clue about what customer service meant. I was impressed. So, a shiny new phone is now hurtling towards me. This makes me very happy since my old phone is currently in my bag beeping loudly saying it's running out of battery even though I charged it overnight. Grr.

I'm actually thinking of creating a performance art piece and videotaping it for posterity. It involves my old phone, four cinder blocks, a table cloth in T-Mobile pink, and a big heavy mallet. This would be performed at the San Antonio shopping center outside of the T-Mobile store. It would also involve me smacking the phone with the big mallet every time it goes "bee-doop" saying the battery is dying until such time as the phone stops it either through running out of battery or is in too many pieces.


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