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Monday, May 17, 2004

Photos, Photos, and Cameras

It's been a weekend of photos.

Saturday was spent scanning photos of my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary. Some are my grandparents as I remember them. Many more were my grandparents back in their youth. All were really fun to look at. Scanning photos is really tedious though.

Today was spent in a photo shoot for the St. Steven's Green Ceili with Rachel. She took photos of us dancing outside in daylight so that she could capture motion without having to use a flash. It's just a bit too dark at the Green on Tuesdays for good shots. Eventually she'll take the time to put together a Tuesday Ceili website.

This evening was spent assembling another 50 Random Pixel cameras. Unbox cameras, remove plastic wrapper, print labels, cut labels, name the cameras, unpeel labels and stick. Yet to do is take the first photo (a shot of a white board saying "Please send the negatives to Kevin Fox... This camera is named....") and affix stamps. It's amazing how time consuming this little project is. A little worrisome is that none of our recent releases have come home. We're going to drop a dummy camera in the mail tomorrow to see if it makes it home. We're growing concerned that post-911 hysteria is affecting what the post office does with our little art project in a box. Hopefully they're not destroying or discarding these mystery boxes just before they make it home.

Today was a bad day for a diet. Bob brought cookies to the dancing, and then we stopped at Rick's for ice cream after dancing, and followed that with Chinese food during Random Pixie work. Back to responsible eating in the morning. For now, sleepytime.


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