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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Road Trip... delay

Well, today we got up at a reasonable hour, but had to pull the house back together and finish packing for the trip. We left the house about 2 hours later than planned, then turned back after going to the gas station because I forgot my warm coat. Then we left again and got as far as the 237 turnoff, and Rick realized he'd forgotten my passport which I'd entrusted him with a month ago. So we turned back again, grabbed the passport, watched a hummingbird sip nectar from the jasmine in our back yard, gave Nym one final scratch on the head, and headed out.

When we got to Sacramento, my grandfather was doing a final runthrough on the van, and had discovered one small problem. When the van was plugged in, nothing worked. Everything worked fine running from the battery, and the battery charges when the van is running, but pulling in and hooking up to power for the night is kind of counter-productive. They spent a couple of hours trying to figure it out to no avail. After dinner, and loading the van, it was 10:30, and we decided to stay the night with my grandparents and get started first thing in the morning when they get up to go to church.

So, we're a day off schedule, but as long as we're in Vancouver by 8pm on Wednesday, it's all good. In the meantime, I get a little more time with my grandparents... and the wonderfully ripe cherries they've picked off their tree. Yum!


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