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Monday, June 21, 2004

60th Anniversary

Well, the party was a big success. I ate lots of yummy fried calamari (which I've been craving for weeks now. Go figure.) and got to hang out with some of my favorite folks from my childhood - Johnny Bollman and Ross Davidson for example. Johnny has been a favorite for years. He used to own a gas station in Carmichael. Truly, he's one of the warmest, nicest people I've ever met. He retired when I was a kid, and he doesn't look much different now 20 years later. Ross is a character. He's the honorary mayor of Carmichael and he's always organizing big vacations that my grandparents go on. He and his brother Harry were old favorites at Quintette. It's nice being all grown up and around folks who thought I was a cool kid and who think I've turned out just fine.

The slideshow presentation went just fine (thank you Kevin!), and everyone told me they liked it. Grandma announced mid-way through that some of the pictures weren't here. She said later that maybe they were after all, but she thought one of them at least was her best friend. Ooops! Oh well. Everyone laughed about the Home-grown Tomatoes song.

All in all, it was a nice evening. We retired to my grandparent's house for hanging out and relaxing after the (115!) guests left. Grandpa told some of his old war stories, most of which I've heard before, so I was only half listening, but it seems like every time, he throws in some little tidbit I've never heard before. I still think it would be fun to write a book about his experiences, with little chapters about what grandma was doing at the same time back in the states. She makes it out like she wasn't doing much of anything - just working and playing softball - but just that much is fascinating. I'm sure she's got lots of stories, and it'd make an interesting balance point for the story.

Grandma wore the suit she was married in. Yes, sixty years and three children later she can still wear the same outfit. Please tell me I got at least 1/4 of her good genes. She amazes me. I reckon I'll have both her and grandpa around for a number of more years to come, and I'm really thankful for that. Both of them are amazing role models. They're busy and active and contributing to the community all the time. And tonight I'm having more of grandpa's corn for dinner. Yummy!


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